5 Tips to Intelligent Decision Making

Author: Ryan Noble

5 Tips for Intelligent Decision Making

Relating to Product Development & Program Management How do you make decisions? Do you delegate the task to others, delay it with endless research, or maybe apply a democratic process where everyone gets a chance to vote? While it’s easy for some and harder for others, each one of us needs to refine this skill because it’s something we do… Read More

The Power of the Checklist

Author: Jeff Disher

The Power of the Checklist

Relying on Memory is a Bad Strategy I’ve read a number of blogs and articles recently that have had titles like these: “Embracing Failure”, “Learning from our Failures”, “Fail Fast, Fail Cheap”, and so on. All were making the point that failure is a good thing from which we grow and learn. We are often encouraged to fail more, not… Read More