We are Committed to Excellence

At DISHER we are passionate about our work and go the extra mile to make sure our clients receive great results. Every DISHER employee strives to propel our clients to success through our hard work and dedication to making a positive difference. This is the foundation of our company culture and everything we do.


Committed to Excellence 2
Committed to Excellence

We are Committed to Our Employees

We also take time to renew creativity and rejuvenate. Everyone on our team is issued a personal nerf gun during orientation, and they are expected to use it!


Every Friday we gather for a company lunch, we create and compete in DISHER Derby car races, seasonal chili cook-off tournaments, and battle out in Ping Pong matches. We enter marathons together, coach soccer teams, teach Sunday School and love our Fantasy sports leagues! We also host family outings with spouses and kids so we can build community with the extended DISHER family. This past summer we all played FootGolf for the first time. What a riot!

We are Committed to Our Community

We are passionate about our stewardship and giving back to the community with our talent, time and resources. One way we do that is by giving every employee a budget of time and money to donate to their preferred organization. We also volunteer together to host river cleanups, complete Habitat for Humanity projects and support various local and global ministries.

Great Rated!

Great Place to Work conducted an anonymous survey of randomly selected DISHER employees to assess the quality of workplace culture. With a 97-98% positive rating from employees in all of the categories, DISHER earned a spot as a Great Rated! workplace.

Disher Culture