DISHER History

It all started back in 1999 when Jeff Disher had a dream (wow that sounds cliché’). After spending 15 years in the automotive engineering world, Jeff saw an opportunity to provide a highly collaborative and responsible design firm. He wanted clients to sleep better at night trusting that their project was well cared for. He wanted to start a company that would make a positive difference and be integral with its clients helping them be successful. He created a unique business model that operates like a SWAT team deploying highly talented, experienced professionals to help our clients solve any problem, any time.

Jeff Disher at Disher's first office

In 2000 the doors were opened, the card tables were set up, the jeans were on, the extension cord was plugged in, and the first 2 employees were ready to roll.

Over the years, the team has grown, we’ve moved into a modern multi-use space, opened up a second office in east Michigan and the responsibilities have elevated as the DISHER dream has expanded into many industries, services and places rippling around the world. The best part is that we get to keep dreaming up new ways to make a positive difference and help our clients grow.

Team Picture