How Will You Play Your Hand?

Author: Jeff Disher

Good Stewardship is a Win-Win

  Good Stewardship is a Win-Win A Core Culture Characteristic at DISHER December is our month for highlighting Stewardship at DISHER. It’s one of our 12 Culture Characteristics. Every December we talk about what it is, why we do it, and the many ways in which we can carry it out in our lives throughout the year. Our use of… Read More

Is Your Corporate Mission Just Lip Service?

Author: Keri McCarthy | Business Lead - Talent Solutions

Is Your Corporate Mission Just Lip Service

Building a Culture by Design™ I’ve worked in some awesome companies— collaborative, educational, challenging, and most of all… fun! The best jobs have always had the best people. I’ve also worked in some not-so-great environments— political, demanding (in that “oh no – what are they making me do now” kind-of way), deceptive, and profit-at-all-costs thinking which made for a less… Read More

I Love Being Right

Author: Kevin Pinner | Business Lead - DISHER Business Solutions & Manufacturing Tech Services

I Love Being Right

I love being right… and the importance of creating meaningful culture visuals is one of those times. Being right doesn’t happen as often as I think it should happen but when it does— it feels sweet. Yes, one of my many personality challenges is the internal conviction that when I have an idea, it is probably a good one. And… Read More

June Offsite 2017

Author: Joe Sikma

June Offsite 2017

Finding Our Sweet Spot On June 16th, the DISHER team set aside their typical work day to deliberately focus on the fundamentals. Members from every team and every office congregated at the HRM Gateway Center for a company-wide offsite. For seasoned team members, the day wasn’t a surprise. It was the continuation of a biannual tradition and a pause to… Read More

All I Got for My 5th Anniversary was a Rock

Author: Kevin Pinner

All I got for my Fifth Anniversary was a Rock

Building a Culture That Thrives™ I just completed five years at DISHER. This milestone was recognized and celebrated at an all-company meeting a few weeks ago where I was given a rock. Yes, you read that correctly. They gave me a ROCK. And you know what? I was thrilled. Why? If you look closely, it tells a story. Do you… Read More

A Strong Culture Brings Out the Best

Author: Vicki Zylstra


A Strong Culture Brings Out the Best for the person, company, and customer Many companies are enamored with the word culture yet few fully understand what it is.  Some believe culture is employee volunteerism. Others believe it’s about team meetings and company offsites.  While others think coffee bars, exercise classes, and generous amounts of time-off define culture. The word culture… Read More

DISHER Lunch & Learns

Author: Aimee VandenElzen

DISHER Lunch Learns

The Perfect Way to Connect & Develop Teams How many of you bring your lunch to work, warm it up in the company microwave, and head back to your desk to keep working because you have so much to accomplish? Connecting with colleagues is not a high priority when our calendars are double and triple booked. We use the lunch… Read More

Finding Your Sweet Spot

Finding Your Sweet Spot

A New DISHER Culture Characteristic DISHER’s mission, Make a Positive Difference, has driven our team behaviors creating a culture that was recently ranked 5th in the nation. These core behaviors are spelled out in our 12 Culture Characteristics (CCs), they’re talked about every month, and they’re lived out by our team members. When someone at DISHER says, Two Extra Things… Read More

DISHER Participates in MiCareerQuest 2017

Author: Sarah Watson

DISHER Participates in MiCareerQuest 2017

Engineering Interns Launch Learning MiCareerQuest gives West Michigan students a unique opportunity to explore a variety of occupations, get to know a few colleges/universities, and meet potential employers from several industries. This year’s exhibition took place on Thursday, April 13th, 2017, at the DeVos Place in Grand Rapids. DISHER was one of several engineering firms with a booth that displayed… Read More

Local Students Experience Winterim at DISHER

Author: Kimberly Bauer

Winterim is a week-long learning experience for Holland Christian High School students. It gives students the opportunity to explore various subjects outside of the traditional curriculum for exposure to new ideas, potential careers, and lifetime skills. One of the options available for juniors and seniors is to spend the week off-campus with real employers for first-hand experiences with possible career… Read More