Innovation Still Behind Old School Mastery

Author: Todd Kauranen

Innovation Still Behind Old School Mastery

The Human Element of Design “Old school” modeling methods are often thought to be obsolete when embracing innovation in product development, but this is not always the case. For 80 years, automotive design studios have used clay to create life-size models. It’s a process that has yet to be abandoned because technology is not able to duplicate the nuances and… Read More

Get More Hits in Product Development

Author: Jeff Disher

Getting More Hits in Product Development

As the owner of a product development firm, I often receive calls that go something like this, “We have this idea for a new product, but we’re not sure how to get it developed— can you help us?” As the conversation continues, I sense that they think their idea is a big winner… and visions of early retirement are already… Read More

Product Constraints Can be the Catalyst to a Great Design

Author: Jeff Disher

Product Constraints

In the world of design and engineering, product requirements (also called constraints) can often feel like restraints to our creativity and ability to design a great product or solution. We’ve all experienced the feeling of frustration when a constraint has kept us from implementing a good solution— sometimes literally by only tenths of a millimeter. And we’ve all responded with… Read More

Exploring Isle Royale

Author: Tyler Losinski

Exploring Isle Royale

A Young Engineer Ponders His Path This past fall, my wife Lindsey and I took a trip to the nation’s least visited National Park – Isle Royale. It’s a pristine island located in the middle of Lake Superior accessible only by a ferry or sea plane. As we explored Isle Royale on foot and by canoe, it became apparent that… Read More

Local Students Experience Winterim at DISHER

Author: Kimberly Bauer

Winterim is a week-long learning experience for Holland Christian High School students. It gives students the opportunity to explore various subjects outside of the traditional curriculum for exposure to new ideas, potential careers, and lifetime skills. One of the options available for juniors and seniors is to spend the week off-campus with real employers for first-hand experiences with possible career… Read More

What We Gleaned from CES 2017

Author: Tod Grams and Matthew Reed

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is an annual trade show that takes place every January in Las Vegas, Nevada. A group from DISHER’s electronics team gleaned quite a bit from this year’s gadget-thon. Why does DISHER attend CES? To see the devices that DISHER helped create. It was exciting to see DISHER projects on the show floor: An entry/exit locking system… Read More

Focus for 2017: Working in Community

Author: Vicki Zylstra

On January 19, over 70% of DISHER’s 160-member team came together for a day of learning, serving, and building community. The Vintage Place in Grand Rapids was the venue for the bi-annual event. Jeff Disher’s focus for the day was Working in Community. It was selected because of DISHER’s significant growth, both as a team and in our business model. In Jeff’s… Read More

Scope Creep

Author: Jeff Disher

Where to Draw the Line Scope creep is creepy. It is subtle and can sneak up on your project like an undetected cancer that eats away your profits. It can also ruin your customer’s experience with your company if it’s not handled well. A classic example is a home builder who does not tell their client of the added costs… Read More


Author: Kayla Curtis, Chad Barnes, Mu-Hua Cheng, and Matthew Reed

Teaching Students Team Work, Problem-Solving, & Engineering “On the yellow field we have team Invent-a-Tech 2.0,” states the announcer. Two student technicians fly to the playing field and nest their robot, Purple Monster, into the starting zone. “3…2…1…Lego!” Purple Monster delicately glides forward and drops off the shark tank with success. Like a pack of hungry wolves, the technicians grab… Read More

Making a Positive Difference Through Electronics

Author: Tod Grams

Making a Positvie Difference Through Electronics

Q:  So, DISHER does electronics too? A:  “Absolutely, and our team is growing! Our specialists have a broad range of experience and educational backgrounds that enable us to provide a variety of tailored electronics solutions for our customers. From schematic capture and PCB layouts to embedded software and mobile apps, we have deep engineering talent ready to come alongside and provide… Read More