Removing a Stripped Screw with Confidence

Author: Sean Derrick

You're Not Screwed

Rookie Year: The Engineering Intern’s Toolbox (Part 6) A Series of Technical Blogs for Engineering Interns & Entry-Level Engineers Now you’ve done it! Your boss asked you to remove a few simple screws… and in the process you mangle a screw head beyond repair. How on earth are you going to get it out now? Guess you’ll need to go… Read More

DISHER Egg Drop Challenge

Author: Robbie Sullivan

disher egg drop

Looking back over my life and career as a 27 year old engineer degreed in product design and manufacturing, one place I never thought I would find myself is here: DISHER Egg Drop Inaugural Grand National Champion, 2016. I won’t say it was historic, but I wouldn’t stop anyone else from making that claim or writing it in textbooks for… Read More

College Football Game Performance (Part 2)

Author: Ray Hartnett

michigan vs ohio state

Read part 1 here – Read part 3 here Michigan and Ohio State are Still* on Track Why the asterisk?  No sooner had I stated that these two teams were tracking to be Big Ten contenders when Penn State comes along and upsets the apple cart! Despite OSU’s loss to Penn State and a narrow victory at Northwestern, they are… Read More

What’s On Tap: Hand Taps for Beginners

Author: Sean Derrick

tap and t-wrench

Rookie Year: The Engineering Intern’s Toolbox (Part 5) A Series of Technical Blogs for Engineering Interns & Entry-Level Engineers Taps are tools that most engineers will come across at some point in their careers. Taps bridge multiple industries and are used practically everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re working in a machine shop, repairing a thread at home, or creating… Read More

Michigan Biomedical Engineering Students Benefit from DISHER’s Whiteboard Wednesday™ Process

Author: Cynthia VanRenterghem

disher biomedical engineering wbw

Take a look at a few real-word biomedical problem statements University of Michigan students are currently wrestling with in their Biomedical Engineering Design class: Design a portable, disposable, sterile-water, heating-cooling device to facilitate heat transfer into blood during extracorporeal membrane oxygenation which provides cardiac and respiratory support for patients. Develop a portable, wearable scalp cooling device for patients with brain… Read More

DISHER Business Solutions

Author: Kevin Pinner

Disher Business Solutions

Employs Proven Techniques to Help Organizations Thrive For most of you CAD users out there, you probably can’t imagine designing and creating drawings on a drafting board with mechanical pencils, electric erasers(!), and vellum. Back in the early 80’s while a student at the University of Cincinnati, I worked for a small manufacturer in northern Kentucky in their engineering department…. Read More

DISHER Awarded 5th Best Small Workplace By Great Place to Work® and FORTUNE

Author: Brian LaFrence

5th Best Small Business 2016

DISHER was recently named the 5th Best Small Workplace in America by Great Place to Work (GPTW) and FORTUNE. For DISHER, the award is a wonderful byproduct of our intentional investment in culture as the foundation of our success as a business. I am confident that our Founder and President, Jeff Disher, could write a book about why DISHER grew… Read More

College Football Game Performance (Part 1)

Author: Ray Hartnett

michigan vs ohio state

Read part 2 here – Read part 3 here Michigan and Ohio State are on Track I’m a college football fan, a Nebraska grad, have six sigma training, and strive to put information in a visual format. So, why not mix football and data analysis? To make a long story short, I wanted an objective metric that I could apply… Read More

How to Handle Your Mistakes with Customers

Author: Jeff Disher


No matter how hard we try to avoid making them, mistakes eventually find a path to our doorstep. Often times they sneak in through the back door and try to steal our reputation that we have worked so hard to build with our customers. We can be certain that mistakes will happen. We are all human. How we handle our… Read More

Talent Solutions at SPARK.Ed

Author: Allison Ives

Spark culture training

Ann Arbor SPARK, a business incubator in the heart of Ann Arbor, Michigan, hosts weekly workshops to help entrepreneurs build better businesses. SPARK invites industry experts to present useful tips, tools, and best practices on a host of relevant topics. DISHER was asked to lead a training session on recruiting in September. Keri McCarthy and I began our recruiting workshop… Read More