Whiteboard Events

For anyone who has a new product idea, is stuck with a problem, or just needs a fresh start, DISHER offers a free ideation session that we call Whiteboard Wednesday®. These sessions are full of action and energy.  Our certified facilitators use a proven process to ensure there is maximum ideation and output. Bringing in the designers and engineers who have the most experience in the industry or problem that you are facing, we strive to select the best of our team to join in on the session.


We start with the “Boosters & Boundaries” that actually enable, rather than constrict, the creativity.  We then understand the problem statement of what we hope to achieve. From there the process and people get cranking and the ideas start rolling. Before no time the whiteboards (we have lots of them) are filled with collaborative, breakthrough ideas.


So if you have an initial idea or a problem or just need some new energy, we’ll give your team an hour of our time to come up with more ideas and solutions to help you move forward.


Here are our creativity enabling boosters & boundaries:


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