Month: June 2015

Lifelong Learning

Starting College

I didn’t always enjoy formal learning. Growing up, school was this involuntary experience that was happening to me. I wasn’t overly engaged, rarely doing homework at home and almost never studying. I absorbed enough in high school to graduate with a respectable GPA and acceptance letters to Kettering University and Purdue.Starting at Kettering in the fall of 2000,… Read More

Trusting Relationships

Consumer Insight

June Culture Characteristic: Trusting Relationships  Trust is a foundational characteristic that Disher Design and Development strives to build its relationships on. Trusting relationships in the workplace and with our customers are the building blocks of an effective partnership and Disher’s ability to make a positive difference in the lives of those we come in contact with. These relationships are… Read More

Velostat Resistive Sensor

Cool Gadgets & Materials: Disher has a collection of cool gadgets and materials that serve as inspiration during Whiteboard Wednesday™ Sessions. There are a wide variety of mechanisms, gadgets and materials in the collection that encourage us to think outside the box when we are designing new products. The 3M™ Velostat™ family of products is made of opaque, volume-conductive, carbon-impregnated polyolefin.… Read More

SeaDoo Sustainability

Two years ago I bought a 1996 SeaDoo XP 800. Praised during its time for its revolutionary handling and power, this ski (and others like it, WaveBlaster) has achieved somewhat of a cult-like following because of the lack of small, fun and cheap personal watercraft models today (most jet skis today are over $10,000 and 700lbs). These skis combined… Read More