Month: July 2015

Finding your balance: Thoughts on being a working mom

My work backpack has a mix of 3D printed parts, baby toys, post-it notes and sketches. It does a good job of summing up my life, which is a gratifying mix of engineering and motherhood. Since becoming a mom, I’ve been faced with a mountain of decisions, all centered on keeping life balanced. My dad was a surfer. When... Read More

Disher Brings Work to Life

Over the last two years author Tracy Brower - of Bring Work to Life by Bringing Life to Work -  has been doing research about healthy work cultures that bring work to life by bringing life to work. She recently heard that Disher has been doing that for the past 15 years. She was excited to be able to... Read More

The Tough Road to Innovation Success

As the owner of our product development firm, I often get calls that go something like this, “I'm calling from Company XYZ and we have this idea for a new product and we're not sure how to get it developed. Can you help me?”  As the conversation goes on, I sense that this company thinks their idea is a... Read More

White Board Wednesday® Marathon

 Disher recently facilitated four free innovation sessions for four different start-up companies in the Ann Arbor area. These sessions  - called White Board Wednesdays® - are part of a proven Disher process which generates a high quantity of quality ideas around a given problem statement.A year and a half ago, Disher established an office presence in Ann Arbor and started... Read More

What is ‘Stewardship’ all about?

Disher’s Definition of Stewardship:Stewardship – being responsible with all the resources we have been given . . . for us and for the world around us.Stewardship comes in many forms and meanings for every individual that participates.  Here at Disher, in just the last 12 calendar months, our team has contributed more than 1,912 hours making a positive... Read More