Month: March 2016

The Talent Circle of Life

Everyday we have the great opportunity of working with a variety of companies to help them find top technical talent for their organizations.  This is a huge responsibility.  The war for top talent is a challenging one and should be managed on multiple fronts. We know firsthand. You see, Disher faced this issue ourselves a few years back.  What we did then,… Read More

NAIAS 2016 Insights

Many members of the Disher team were able to attend the North American International Auto Show held in Detroit. From social media integration to big screen monitoring systems and even performance-ready interiors, there is no doubt the technology and innovation in the automotive industry is on the rise. Our team came back with plenty of insights that spanned… Read More

Can packaging really be sustainable?

As a packaging engineer one of the most frequent requests is what can we do to make our packaging more sustainable?  I get really excited by these requests as taking care of the environment is truly a passion of mine. These inquiries allow grand visions of molded bamboo, bio based plastics, and 100% recycled corrugated to begin.But is there really… Read More