Month: November 2016

College Football Game Performance (Part 3)

michigan vs ohio state

Read part 1 here - Read part 2 here Since our last posting two weeks ago, Ohio State had nicely recovered from a heartbreaker at Penn State and a lackluster win at Northwestern by drubbing Nebraska (62-3). Michigan was humming along with an expectedly tough win at MSU, and then a recovery game with Maryland.   After nine games… Read More

The SEMA Show

the SEMA show 2016

It’s the SUPER BOWL of automotive specialty shows, the annual SEMA Show. Held in Las Vegas from October 31 to November 3, this event draws thousands of industry experts and hot new products from all over the world. Types of aftermarket products displayed included parts, lighting, accessories, repair services, and body work for the automotive, truck, SUV, powersports,… Read More

Removing a Stripped Screw with Confidence

You're Not Screwed

Rookie Year: The Engineering Intern’s Toolbox (Part 6) A Series of Technical Blogs for Engineering Interns & Entry-Level Engineers Now you’ve done it! Your boss asked you to remove a few simple screws… and in the process you mangle a screw head beyond repair. How on earth are you going to get it out now? Guess you’ll need… Read More

DISHER Egg Drop Challenge

disher egg drop

Looking back over my life and career as a 27 year old engineer degreed in product design and manufacturing, one place I never thought I would find myself is here: DISHER Egg Drop Inaugural Grand National Champion, 2016. I won’t say it was historic, but I wouldn’t stop anyone else from making that claim or writing it in… Read More

College Football Game Performance (Part 2)

michigan vs ohio state

Read part 1 here - Read part 3 here Michigan and Ohio State are Still* on Track Why the asterisk?  No sooner had I stated that these two teams were tracking to be Big Ten contenders when Penn State comes along and upsets the apple cart! Despite OSU’s loss to Penn State and a narrow victory at Northwestern,… Read More

What’s On Tap: Hand Taps for Beginners

tap and t-wrench

Rookie Year: The Engineering Intern’s Toolbox (Part 5) A Series of Technical Blogs for Engineering Interns & Entry-Level Engineers Taps are tools that most engineers will come across at some point in their careers. Taps bridge multiple industries and are used practically everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re working in a machine… Read More

Michigan Biomedical Engineering Students Benefit from DISHER’s Whiteboard Wednesday™ Process

disher biomedical engineering wbw

Take a look at a few real-word biomedical problem statements University of Michigan students are currently wrestling with in their Biomedical Engineering Design class: Design a portable, disposable, sterile-water, heating-cooling device to facilitate heat transfer into blood during extracorporeal membrane oxygenation which provides cardiac and respiratory support for patients. Develop a portable, wearable scalp cooling device for patients… Read More