Month: March 2017

An Integrative Approach to Talent Solutions

What Makes DISHER Different Six years ago Jeff Disher, our CEO, came to me asking if I could help a customer ramp up a new plant. I responded, “Absolutely— yes!” We created a recruitment process that was different from the norm. It was highly-collaborative and strategic. We worked with this organization for two years and filled over 50 roles... Read More

Innovation Still Behind Old School Mastery

The Human Element of Design “Old school” modeling methods are often thought to be obsolete when embracing innovation in product development, but this is not always the case. For 80 years, automotive design studios have used clay to create life-size models. It’s a process that has yet to be abandoned because technology is not able to duplicate the nuances... Read More

Get More Hits in Product Development

As the owner of a product development firm, I often receive calls that go something like this, “We have this idea for a new product, but we’re not sure how to get it developed— can you help us?” As the conversation continues, I sense that they think their idea is a big winner… and visions of early retirement... Read More