Month: May 2017

A Strong Culture Brings Out the Best

A Strong Culture Brings Out the Best for the person, company, and customer Many companies are enamored with the word culture yet few fully understand what it is.  Some believe culture is employee volunteerism. Others believe it’s about team meetings and company offsites.  While others think coffee bars, exercise classes, and generous amounts of time-off define culture. The word... Read More

DISHER Lunch & Learns

The Perfect Way to Connect & Develop Teams How many of you bring your lunch to work, warm it up in the company microwave, and head back to your desk to keep working because you have so much to accomplish? Connecting with colleagues is not a high priority when our calendars are double and triple booked. We use the... Read More

Manage Your Data Intentionally

Manage Your Data Intentionally: Don’t Let It Manage You Many product-related projects begin the same way. All relevant information is gathered and placed into the appropriate Windows folders on the company network. As the team is assembled, tasks are assigned to its members. Each teammate makes their own working folder and starts to plug away making progress rather quickly.... Read More

Finding Your Sweet Spot

A New DISHER Culture Characteristic DISHER’s mission, Make a Positive Difference, has driven our team behaviors creating a culture that was recently ranked 5th in the nation. These core behaviors are spelled out in our 12 Culture Characteristics (CCs), they’re talked about every month, and they’re lived out by our team members. When someone at DISHER says, Two Extra... Read More