Month: October 2018

Creating Loyal Alumni

DISHER Alumni Alison Shields

What comes to your mind when you read or hear the word ‘alumni’? I would imagine most of you thought about graduating from a particular high school or college. Maybe images of football games, tailgating, homecomings, class reunions, or old friends from a fraternity or sorority came to mind. Wikipedia defines ‘alumnus’ as a former member, employee, contributor,… Read More

Be a Change Agent for Recycling

Recycled Plastic Bottles

Most American’s are at least aware of the recycling efforts taking place around them every day. As a Packaging Engineer, I care deeply about how materials and packages are disposed of because of my passion in sustainability. Recycling is a growing global challenge. In January, China made changes regarding the types of waste materials they will accept due… Read More

Manufacturing: Equip Yourself & Honor the Profession

Touring Manufacturing Facility

Recently, Ford announced its purchase of the Michigan Central Station, an example of what Detroit once was and will be again. With this investment, Ford is planning on creating a Center of Engineering Excellence to focus on future mobility developments including autonomous vehicles and other modes of transport. This is a harbinger of the future for Michigan manufacturing,… Read More