We are Committed

to Customers

to Coworkers

to Communities

DISHER is intentional about Making a Positive Difference with our customers, coworkers, and communities to create Ripples of Influence that have far-reaching impact. It’s all about steward leadership— the desire to grow, lead, and serve others. We’re committed to going the extra mile with our client’s projects to make sure they receive great outcomes.

We’re committed to building exceptional teams through weekly lunch meetings, personalized training and coaching, and off-site experiences. And we’re committed to giving back to our communities with our time, talent, and financial resources. We understand that the stronger the culture— the better the performance.

What’s different with DISHER is that they take the time to get to know us and our needs today and in the future. They work in collaboration with our entire team. We are in a long-term relationship— it’s about supporting one another through our growth and strategies.

Tamara Jalving - Director of Human Resources - GHSP

I can't wait to get here everyday because I like being a part of something bigger than myself. As a service organization, we are 'all in' together and we provide the best possible service with a heart!

Aimee VandenElzen - Team Lead - Product Development - DISHER

We were grateful to DISHER for not only having their meeting in our new spaces, but for canvassing the GENEVA grounds with their team to complete a number of needed projects to help us get ready for summer camp.

Kevin VanderKlok - Executive Director - Geneva Camp & Retreat Center

DISHER is truly the #1 product development company in Michigan.

John Hopkins - President - Jackson Inventors Network

I’ve not worked with a happier group of people. They are among the most honest, giving, helpful, and humble people I’ve ever associated with. I’m proud to be a part of this team, this culture, and the mission we’re engaged in.

Chad Barnes - Team Lead - Product Development - DISHER

Simply stated the world needs more companies like DISHER. Community engagement and stewardship are fully integrated into the organizational culture. DISHER gives from the full gambit of time, talent, and treasure that they collectively possess and the disability community is a beneficiary of that.

Todd Whiteman - Executive Director - Disability Network Lakeshore

Culture Characteristics

  • Be honest. Talk directly with the person you want to encourage, praise, or confront. Gossip is not acceptable.

  • Do the basics very, very well – those things that customers won’t notice when you do them well but they will notice if you don’t. Don’t take shortcuts.

  • Be ready and prepared to deliver on your responsibilities. Anticipate needs. Have a plan and a contingency plan.

  • Take initiative to grow personally and professionally. Discover your: Mission - What the world needs; Vocation - What someone will pay for; Profession - What you’re good at; and Passion - What you love.

  • Take risks… calculated risks. Analyze the risk-reward. Sometimes, the greater risk is not taking the risk.

  • Build trust by staying true to your word and treating others with respect. Admit your mistakes. Make things right at no extra cost. Go more than half way.

  • Creatively solve problems. Continuously seek to improve. Innovate with products, projects, services, processes – in everything we do.

  • Restore a proper work-life balance. Proper rest, time with family, a good laugh, regular exercise, and time away is healthy. Make time to be alone (TreeTop Time) to reflect, evaluate, process, and plan.

  • Embrace responsibility. Serve others in a way that exceeds expectations. Take the initiative to get things done and done well.

  • Do the extra small things that make a big difference with customers, co-workers, and community. Go the extra mile.

  • Set the bar high and hold yourself accountable to it. Perform your best whether someone is watching or not. Continually improve.

  • Be responsible with the resources (time, money, and talent) you’ve been given. Grow, lead, and serve. Selflessly give to others and create ripples of influence that will make this world a better place.

Nationally Recognized

It’s been humbling and inspiring for DISHER to receive national recognition for our culture. DISHER was named the 5th Best Small Workplace, 4th Best Professional Services and Consulting Workplace, and 4th Best Giving Back Workplace in 2016 by FORTUNE and Great Place to Work®. Rankings were based on anonymous responses to the Trust Index©, GPTW’s employee assessment survey. Employees were asked to assess the levels of trust, pride, and camaraderie they experience in their workplace.

5th Best

Small Company Workplace

4th Best

Consulting & Professional Services Workforce

4th Best

Giving Back Workplace


DISHER is growing a culture of steward leaders. As owners, we align our attitudes, our work, and our giving with the long-term mission of DISHER. We operate as a team vs. lone rangers, continually thinking beyond ourselves towards what is best for our customers, co-workers, and community.