Great Rated

DISHER was named by Great Place to Work® as the 5th best small workplace in the United States on their annual 2016 Best Small & Medium Workplaces list, published this past week in Fortune magazine. Ranked #5, this is DISHER’s second year of recognition by Great Place to Work as last year we received the honor of being a Great Rated company.

Divided into two categories, Small (25-250 employees) and Medium (251-999 employees), the list has recognized companies with exceptional workplace cultures for the past eleven years.

“We believe that our company and the work we do should be meaningful and have a lasting impact. That is why the mission on our wall, ‘Make a Positive Difference,’ is more than a collection of words, it means something. It is the foundation of our company culture and everything we do.” – Jeff Disher

We are honored to have been ranked among the top 25 small companies to work for in the country. Our team is what makes our culture what it is, with 100% of employees at DISHER saying our workplace is great.

Disher’s great culture is all due to its amazing employees, who clearly think very highly of where they work! See what they had to say…

“A remarkable attribute of DISHER is that we tithe as a company towards the various organizations, we, the employees, are each involved in or care about. We then have the opportunity to hand-deliver the charitable checks to those organizations and see first-hand responses to the company’s contributions.”

“The company’s mission statement of Make a Positive Difference defines our direction at DISHER and is not just a flavor-of-the-month, canned mission statement. The emphasis on stewardship and giving back to the community is great. You feel like you are part of something bigger at DISHER.”

“I approached them as a new mom who still wanted to have a career, but didn’t want to sacrifice motherhood to do it. My manager worked with HR to create a custom position for me, so I could be part of the team. I get all the benefits of a full-time employee, including 401K and vacations, but I can work part-time and from home when possible. Amazing! I will be loyal to this company for life.”