DISHER is headquartered in Zeeland, Michigan near the scenic shores of Lake Michigan just three hours from Chicago and thirty minutes west of Grand Rapids. This office provides an excellent customer experience with many vertically-integrated product development services. A fully-equipped model shop provides rapid prototyping. An Electronics Lab, a Lighting Lab, Design Studio, and Project Lab DISHER’s Whiteboard Room is truly the heart of the company. The space is constantly in use with clients, co-workers, and community members seeking to resolve their challenges through highly visual, collaborative, ideation sessions.



CES Sparks Electronics Innovations

CES Sparks Electronics Innovations

What’s in It for Me? Have you ever caught yourself asking the question, “What’s in it for me?” This question certainly has a negative connotation when used for personal gain. If you are expecting something in return, then you’re missing the point in asking this very powerful question. However, if you ask it in a way that challenges your intellect… Read More

The Heart of CES

The Heart of CES

Positive Change Led by Emerging Electronics The DISHER mission is ‘Making a Positive Difference’. The differences made by many of the companies I visited with were what really impacted me this year at CES. These companies were aligned on using electronics for the betterment of all. The first area I visited, and ended up spending a significant amount of time… Read More

CES 2018 – 8 Tech Trends to Watch

Author: Dayna Beal

CES 2018

My first impressions of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 did not disappoint. It was mind-boggling, fascinating, and overwhelming. Because the new technologies unveiled at CES are so important to DISHER and our customers, we had a team in attendance to soak it all in. Here are a few highlights and discoveries from this year’s show that you might like… Read More

Designing at the Seams

Author: Phil Dirkse

Designing at the Seams

The Value of Risk Mitigation As a Product Development Engineer engaged in the automotive industry pre- and post-launch, my daily activities often consist of addressing current production issues and identifying and mitigating future risks. The value of risk mitigation is what I’d like to focus on in this blog. Perhaps this topic won’t rack up thousands of page views in… Read More

How Will You Play Your Hand?

Author: Jeff Disher

Good Stewardship is a Win-Win

  Good Stewardship is a Win-Win A Core Culture Characteristic at DISHER December is our month for highlighting Stewardship at DISHER. It’s one of our 12 Culture Characteristics. Every December we talk about what it is, why we do it, and the many ways in which we can carry it out in our lives throughout the year. Our use of… Read More

Don’t Be Left Behind

Author: Laura Anthony

Don’t Be Left Behind

Innovation Workshops Move Companies Forward The old adage, “innovate or die”, is often true. Companies too slow to change like Blackberry, Blockbuster, and Xerox are sad reminders. Conversely, organizations like Amazon, Tesla, and Salesforce know how to stay relevant and ahead of the curve. Those who fail to adapt and give customers what they want at a cost-effective price are… Read More

Asking the Right Questions Always Leads to Improvement

Author: Joe Dyer

Asking the Right Questions Always Leads to Improvement

I am the proud father of two little boys, ages three and five. Among the busy days, messes, and laughter there is one other constant: questions. What are we doing tonight? How does a key work? Could you somehow get inside a leaf? Maybe you can relate to this line of questioning. Recently my son asked, “Dad, where do clouds… Read More

Are You the Best Leader You Can Be? (Part 2)

Author: Bob Soeters | Business Lead - Corporate Officer

Are You the Best Leader You Can Be Part 2

Part 2 – Treetop Time How do you grow as a leader? What character qualities do you hope to emulate? We all have the aspiration to improve but sometimes we struggle breaking it down into manageable steps towards real change. In my last blog I discussed the need to develop an organizational leadership model to give you and your team… Read More


Author: DJ Kellogg | Area Lead - Southeast Michigan Region


Helping Your Team Succeed! I love coaching teams, and I love being part of a team— and learning how to help them perform at a higher level! I’ve had the privilege of coaching a state-championship high school team, national club volleyball teams, and talented teams of professionals at DISHER. I enjoy each coaching opportunity immensely. While I do not claim… Read More

How Did I Get Here?

Author: Robbie Sullivan | Project Engineer

How Did I Get Here

Jeff Disher counseled me “Go to a four-year college, get an internship, and learn to tear things apart and fix them.” And that’s what I did. How and why did I become a DISHER team member? Last Friday, I found myself in front of the entire company at a staff meeting— a generally uncomfortable place for an engineer to be…. Read More

Are You the Best Leader You Can Be? (Part 1)

Author: Bob Soeters | Business Lead - Corporate Officer

Are You The Best Leader You Can Be

Part 1 – Develop a Model for Your Team How do you grow your leadership abilities? How do you lead your team or  organization? If your library is like mine, you probably have a shelf full of best-sellers like: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, 21 Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell, and Good to Great… Read More

I Love Being Right

Author: Kevin Pinner | Business Lead - DISHER Business Solutions & Manufacturing Tech Services

I Love Being Right

I love being right… and the importance of creating meaningful culture visuals is one of those times. Being right doesn’t happen as often as I think it should happen but when it does— it feels sweet. Yes, one of my many personality challenges is the internal conviction that when I have an idea, it is probably a good one. And… Read More

A Day in the Life of a Manufacturing Engineer

Author: Joe Dyer | Team Lead - Manufacturing Tech Services

A Day in the Life

Operators, Operations, & Opportunities There’s a Beatles song called “A Day in the Life” that closes the album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. At the end of this song, an E chord is struck and held onto for 45-seconds or so giving the impression that the song never really ends. I love the finality yet continual nature of that… Read More

Design Thinking

Author: Todd Kauranen

Design Thinking

The Latest ID Label for the Same ID Story Some would say that making a product that looks good is the only duty of an Industrial Designer. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Fundamentally, the role of industrial design (ID), is to grasp the entire design process as it relates to the user and producer of a service or… Read More

5 Benchmarking Tips

Author: Ben Zuiderveen

5 Benchmarking Tips

For Product Design Inspiration Where does an idea come from? Do ideas spring into the mind fully formed? Of course not! Ideas rarely start out beautiful— they need to be collected, nurtured, and built upon. Ideas are inspired (stolen) from something else that we’ve seen, heard, or experienced. Even the man who invented the wheel probably saw a round object… Read More

NeoCon 2017

Author: Eric Otto

NeoCon 2017

From An Engineer’s Perspective For any engineer that works in and for the furniture industry, NeoCon is a must see. NeoCon is one of the largest trade shows featuring workplace furniture and the industries that support it such as seating, textiles, technology, and flooring to name just a few. A dozen folks from DISHER took a bus trip, organized by… Read More

Effective Prototype Development

Author: Martin Hewitt

Effective Prototype Development

Don’t Waste Precious Resources   During the space race of the 1960’s, as the legend goes, NASA engineers encountered a challenge. Astronauts needed to take notes in space but typical ballpoint pens did not function in a Zero-G environment. NASA funneled millions of taxpayer dollars into developing a pen that could write upside-down in space on either side of the… Read More

A Strong Culture Brings Out the Best

Author: Vicki Zylstra


A Strong Culture Brings Out the Best for the person, company, and customer Many companies are enamored with the word culture yet few fully understand what it is.  Some believe culture is employee volunteerism. Others believe it’s about team meetings and company offsites.  While others think coffee bars, exercise classes, and generous amounts of time-off define culture. The word culture… Read More

DISHER Participates in MiCareerQuest 2017

Author: Sarah Watson

DISHER Participates in MiCareerQuest 2017

Engineering Interns Launch Learning MiCareerQuest gives West Michigan students a unique opportunity to explore a variety of occupations, get to know a few colleges/universities, and meet potential employers from several industries. This year’s exhibition took place on Thursday, April 13th, 2017, at the DeVos Place in Grand Rapids. DISHER was one of several engineering firms with a booth that displayed… Read More

Innovation Still Behind Old School Mastery

Author: Todd Kauranen

Innovation Still Behind Old School Mastery

The Human Element of Design “Old school” modeling methods are often thought to be obsolete when embracing innovation in product development, but this is not always the case. For 80 years, automotive design studios have used clay to create life-size models. It’s a process that has yet to be abandoned because technology is not able to duplicate the nuances and… Read More

Local Students Experience Winterim at DISHER

Author: Kimberly Bauer

Winterim is a week-long learning experience for Holland Christian High School students. It gives students the opportunity to explore various subjects outside of the traditional curriculum for exposure to new ideas, potential careers, and lifetime skills. One of the options available for juniors and seniors is to spend the week off-campus with real employers for first-hand experiences with possible career… Read More

Making a Positive Difference Through Electronics

Author: Tod Grams

Making a Positvie Difference Through Electronics

Q:  So, DISHER does electronics too? A:  “Absolutely, and our team is growing! Our specialists have a broad range of experience and educational backgrounds that enable us to provide a variety of tailored electronics solutions for our customers. From schematic capture and PCB layouts to embedded software and mobile apps, we have deep engineering talent ready to come alongside and provide… Read More

Building into the Lives of People

Author: Jay VanderBoon

Habitat Home is a Win-Win

A Habitat Home is a Win-Win I’ve had the pleasure to serve with Habitat for Humanity several times since starting with DISHER, and I want everyone to know that it is a fantastic experience. You learn a lot, have fun, and it really changes people’s lives. My latest opportunity to help was this past October. For those who have not yet experienced… Read More

DISHER Business Solutions

Author: Kevin Pinner

Disher Business Solutions

Employs Proven Techniques to Help Organizations Thrive For most of you CAD users out there, you probably can’t imagine designing and creating drawings on a drafting board with mechanical pencils, electric erasers(!), and vellum. Back in the early 80’s while a student at the University of Cincinnati, I worked for a small manufacturer in northern Kentucky in their engineering department…. Read More

DISHER Awarded 5th Best Small Workplace By Great Place to Work® and FORTUNE

Author: Brian LaFrence

5th Best Small Business 2016

DISHER was recently named the 5th Best Small Workplace in America by Great Place to Work (GPTW) and FORTUNE. For DISHER, the award is a wonderful byproduct of our intentional investment in culture as the foundation of our success as a business. I am confident that our Founder and President, Jeff Disher, could write a book about why DISHER grew… Read More

CultureWorks Cardboard Regatta

Author: Brennen Proudfit


Art and design classes are an excellent way to inspire curiosity, build confidence, encourage problem-solving, and sharpen 21st century skills. CultureWorks, a local faith inspired non-profit, provides a variety of art and design experiences to benefit middle and high school students from all backgrounds in Southwest Michigan. In addition to art and design, the program appeals to children with other… Read More

Jeff Disher Receives 2015-16 Business Leadership Award

Jeff Disher Receives 2015-16 Business Leadership Award

The Michigan West Coast Chamber announced their 2015-16 Business Champion award winners in their August issue of Connect magazine. Winners were nominated by members of the Chamber. To qualify for the award, the small business must be a West Coast Chamber member, be in business for more than five years, and exemplify the best of small business in the West… Read More

The Top 10 Dimensions of a Thriving Culture

Jeff Disher Speaking

After being recognized in Fortune as the 21st Best Small Workplace in the United States by Great Place to Work®, Jeff Disher, Founder and President of Disher, was asked to speak on How to Build a Great Culture at the Michigan West Coast Chamber’s Early Bird Breakfast on June 14, 2016. Jeff has been very intentional about building a winning culture… Read More

West Michigan Design Week

Author: Dan Parker

West Michigan Design Week 2016

Are you aware that West Michigan is becoming a globally recognized design hub? Disher was pleased to be a sponsor of the third annual West Michigan Design Week on April 9-16 in Grand Rapids. The event gave the design community an opportunity to gather, exchange information, and spark creativity. It not only served local designers but global users who interact… Read More

Healthy Competition

Author: Aimee VandenElzen

Kids' Food Basket - Disher Team 1

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you think back to the month of March? The NCAA March Madness tournament, perhaps? For years companies have organized heated bracket-picking tournaments. I’ve been involved in this friendly, little competition from the days when we used highlighters to mark winners and losers and excel spreadsheets to tally points. Now all… Read More

Story of a Part

Over 70 students from the area attended a Michigan SmartCoast event hosted at OMT Veyhl and sponsored by Consumers Credit Union. Disher Design and Lakeshore Advantage also helped support the event. “The Story of a Part” highlighted the interesting steps a part follows from idea to production. OMT-Veyhl and Disher Design collaborated to design a real part for the event…. Read More



Aaron has a B.S. in Engineering Graphics and Design from Western Michigan University, with an emphasis on Automotive Engineering. He specializes in automotive part design, and also has experience in a variety of industries. Aaron is a sports fan and a real car nut.

Aaron Koerth

Product Development Engineer

Aaron brings over two decades of experience in the automotive electronics industry with expertise in printed circuit board design, prototyping, validation, and production. Aaron is the drummer for his church’s praise band. He also enjoys working on cars and motorcycles, and spending as much time as possible camping and watching movies with his family.

Aaron Denbow

Electronics Engineer

Since joining DISHER, Aimee has discovered a passion for facilitating workshops. Aimee has a BS in Engineering and an MBA with over 25 years of product launch and leadership experience. She’s passionate about communication, diversity, and inclusion to create workplaces where people thrive and feel connected! Two things that bring her absolute joy… reading a real book printed on paper and cooking up multiple course meals for friends!

Aimee VandenElzen

Team Lead – Product Development | Program Management

As an engineering intern, Alex is gaining real-world experience and applying classroom knowledge and training from a prior internship at DPI. Alex is a Mechanical Engineering student at Michigan Technological University. A true born Yooper, he enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, and hockey. “Hockey, without a doubt, is the best game ever,” Alex says, “the skill, competition, fighting, legacy—there’s nothing better. I’ve played since I was three.”

Alex Repke

Mechanical Engineering Intern

Good design has the power to organize cultural complexities and yield clarity. Alison applies this philosophy through various market research and graphic design projects with Disher’s Discovery team. As a Hope College alumna, she is naturally fond of Lake Michigan, trail running, tulips, and Captain Sundae.

Alison Shields

Market Researcher & Visual Communications Designer

Angela brings a wealth of business, process, and program management experience to DISHER customers. She loves helping others solve puzzles to bring about transformational change. Angela received an MBA from the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management, a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan, PMP Certification, and 6 Sigma Black Belt Certification. Boating, biking, hiking, camping, and cheering on her two teenagers bring her great joy.

Angela Morrill

Business Solutions

Becky has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Tech along with an MBA from Wayne State University and Program Management Professional certification. She is able to provide great insight into any part of a project from developing a business plan, launching a product to completing value analysis of existing products. She loves spending time with her family and is a foodie at heart.

Becky Bonnell

Product Development Engineer

Ben has a double B.S. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Michigan Tech.  He is an electronics engineer by day and a backyard mechanic and tinkerer by night.

Ben Veltman

Electronics Engineer

Ben enjoys taking an active role in DISHER’s front-end Discovery team. He’s a graduate of Kendall College of Art and Design with a BA in Industrial Design, and his hero is Henry Dreyfuss who elevated ID to include human factors, ergonomics, and usability. Ben enjoys mountain biking in the summer, cross country skiing in the winter, and woodworking year round. Mike Birbiglia makes him laugh the hardest.

Ben Zuiderveen

Industrial Designer

Brennen just completed his Freshman year at Kettering University. While young, Brennen already has four years of SolidWorks experience under his belt and co-op experience at Ford. Brennen is an off-road enthusiast who loves being on the sand dunes with his friends and family. He enjoys tinkering on cars and trucks and building things with his brother and friends.

Brennen Proudfit

Engineering Intern

Brent has 23 years of experience in Product Development and Machine Design. He is a business leader at DISHER and  jumps in to guide the Informational Technology needs as well. Connecting a customer to our DISHER team to help solve complex problems is a highlight of his role. Brent and his family enjoy their church family, spending time at the Silver Lake Sand Dunes and playing Lacrosse.

Brent Heeres

Business Lead - Engineering / IT

Brent brings 5+ years of digital marketing and website experience to DISHER. “I am motivated by a good challenge… something without an easy solution.” Brent received his BA from Calvin College and is pursing a Masters in Digital Marketing. A huge Michigan fan, Brent enjoys lacrosse, football, and auto racing. He’s thankful for his wife and 2 girls who make his life magical. They enjoy the outdoors, camping, sports, and movies.

Brent Klein-Horsman

Digital Marketing Strategist

Brian brings over 20 years of manufacturing, product, and quality engineering experience across a variety of industries. At DISHER, Brian enjoys the variety of opportunities to serve customers and community. Outside of DISHER, he enjoys family, home improvement projects, and occasional trout fishing. Brian has a BS in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from General Motors Institute (now Kettering University).

Brian Lauer

Product Development Engineer

With a BS in Engineering Design and Minor in Automotive Systems from Western Michigan University, Brian enjoys engineering product development solutions. “Taking an idea from a thought to a physical object is what I enjoy most.” Brian’s hero is Neil deGrasse Tyson with his magical power to make us think more broadly about our world and universe. Brian enjoys biking, boating, snowboarding, web design, drawing, producing electronic music, & more.

Brian Sommer

Product Development Engineer

Bryan brings 15+ years of experience from Intel as a Yield Defect Metrology Engineer and Process Engineer in thin films planar and Nike as a Sr. Quality Control Engineer. Bryan is all about family and health. He enjoys camping, hiking, biking, golf, ultimate Frisbee and beach time. He has a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Michigan Technological University and MS in Material Science and Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

Bryan Molloseau

Product Development Engineer

Casandra has a B.S. in Product Design and Manufacturing Engineering from GVSU. She has had a variety of experiences including automotive quality, APQP documentation, process improvement , and product launch and change coordination. Casandra enjoys getting involved in stewardship activities, spending time with her family, and woodworking.

Casandra Bouwhuis

Manufacturing & Quality Engineer

Casey currently attends The Padnos School of Engineering through Grand Valley State University in hopes to attain a BS in Product Design and Manufacturing Engineering. He’s excited to learn from the experienced engineering team at DISHER. Casey loves spending time camping, fishing, and exploring trails at his cabin in the Manistee National Forest.

Casey McKellar

Engineering Intern

Cassie attended Grand Valley State University’s Honors College where she received a BS in Hospitality and Tourism Management with a Minor in Business. A Gold Award Girl Scout, Cassie loves exploring the outdoors and time spent biking, running, and hiking. She also enjoys hanging out with friends and family and wishes she had the super power of time travel.

Cassie Smith

Business Operations and Finance Coordinator

Charles has a B.S. in Engineering Design and experience in new product development. He specializes in mechanism design, CAE, and complex CAD modeling with Pro Engineer and excels at solving engineering problems in a team atmosphere. He enjoys sports, cars and the outdoors.

Charles Crouch

Product Development Engineer

Cheri has over 30 years of experience as an Office Administrator. She enjoys supporting the DISHER team by overseeing payroll, benefits, month-end reporting, and company-wide offsites. She enjoys reading and spending time with family.

Cheri Wolters

Office Administrator

Chris has a B.S. in Product Design and Development from Eastern Michigan University and is currently pursuing a M.S. in Engineering Management there. He has extensive knowledge in CATIA V5, automotive exterior & interiors, plastics part design, and design feasibility progression. Chris has global experience leading design projects in places like China, Germany, Japan, and a handful of others, enjoying traveling and visiting new places.

Chris McKitrick

Product Development Engineer

With a BS in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from Purdue University, it’s no wonder Christian has enjoyed astronomy since childhood and would one day like to live on a Mars colony. Christian also enjoys backpacking, woodworking, rock climbing, and anything that flies.

Christian Mandrell

Project Engineer

Christopher brings an array of fresh skills to Disher as a recent graduate from Michigan State University with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. Christopher enjoys traveling and high-adventure sports like climbing, mountain biking, and kayaking. If he could live anywhere, Christopher would choose a custom-outfitted school bus where home is where he parked it.

Christopher Slamp

Manufacturing Engineer

Christy has nearly a decade of recruiting experience, primarily for technical, professional and leadership positions within manufacturing.  She advises and implements process improvements in recruiting teams for local and North American companies.  Christy has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a Masters in Public Administration.

Christy Landrigan

Team Lead - Talent Solutions

Chuck has a diverse background across many industries and brings those 30 years of design, quality and manufacturing experience to life in a positive and creative manner. He enjoys his community service and mission trips each year as a part of his way of giving back to the world.

Chuck Beasley

Product Development Engineer

Cody has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and Product Design & Manufacturing Engineering from Grand Valley State University. As a Product Development Engineer, he has taken products from an idea to production, and supported many other products in different phases of the Product Development Process. Outside of work he enjoys working on his own projects and spending time with his family. 

Cody Holstege

Product Development Engineer

Conlin has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Grand Valley State University. He has 3 years of experience in Manufacturing Engineering in which he has been able to improve processes in getting quality parts out the door in a systematic fashion. He loves the outdoors and sports  and is looking to serve God in all that he does.

Conlin Britton

Manufacturing Engineer

Dan has a B.S degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and an MBA from Valparaiso University. Dan has experience with project management in the automotive industry, and he also has hands-on experience with the controls and instrumentation industry. Dan enjoys spending his free time with friends and family.

Dan Cempel

Product Development Engineer

Dave’s worked on a variety of software development projects for commercial, aerospace, embedded, mobile, automotive, and IoT. “Coding is like art. You can create whatever you can dream up!” Dave enjoys spending time with his wife, browsing at Barnes & Nobles, and cooking new dishes. He has a BSE from Grand Valley State University in Computer Engineering, an MDiv from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, and a BA from Moody Bible Institute.

Dave Harkey

Electronics Engineer - Software

Dave has a B.S. in Production Management from Ferris State University with over 27 years of industry experience. He provides teams with the leadership needed to meet their project goals. He enjoys water skiing during the summer months and building model kits during the winter.

Dave Hooker

Team Lead - Product Development

Dave applies his experience from the automotive, heavy equipment, renewable energy, and furniture industries. He holds a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from Kettering University and an MBA from Grand Valley State University. Most of Dave’s free time is spent with his wife and kids either outdoors or playing games inside. He also enjoys mountain biking, skiing, and working on project cars.

Dave Courtade

Product Development Engineer

David has a BBA in Human Resources Management from GVSU. As a Talent Engineer, he brings his natural focus on building meaningful relationships to connect great people and great companies. He enjoys helping people find what they’re best at, and helping firms discover what and who they need most. David also loves to travel to go skiing and hiking whenever he can.

David Hondorp

Talent Engineer

“Engineers have in a sense built the world we live in today—and I’m excited to be a part of that community,” states Davis. Davis received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Grand Valley State University and a BS in Recreation from Calvin College. He enjoys playing golf and lacrosse and likes to camp, backpack, and travel. Davis’s hero is his late father-in-law who battled severe health issues but continued to work hard and live out his faith.

Davis Moes

Product Development Engineer

Dayna is a strategic growth guy with a BA from Hope and an MBA in corporate strategy from Northwestern. He is a Jim Collins, Patrick Lencioni and Bill Hybels fan. Dayna helps organizations with vision mapping, branding, developing their people and more. He is a soccer coach, youth group leader and an energetic family man.

Dayna Beal

Business Lead - Discovery | Marketing

Dennis has over 10 years of experience as a product and manufacturing engineer in the furniture and automotive industry. His passion for lean product development has helped customers launch and support dozens of new products.

Dennis Smith

Mechanical Engineer

Derick’s sweet spot is designing machines and products that look good and work well. Derick graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Purdue University and is a certified SolidWorks professional. He loves taking bright ideas and bringing them into the physical world. Derick also enjoys wakeboarding, fishing, project cars, and snowboarding. His hero is Elon Musk because of his advancements in technology while everyone told him he was crazy.

Derick Disher

Machine | Product Development Engineer

Eric has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and Design, Innovation, & Society (DIS) from Rensselaer. His expertise includes solid and surface modeling in a number of different CAD packages. He also applies his craftsmanship skills to building physical prototypes in DISHER’s shop. Eric is an avid Detroit sports fan and loves the outdoors.

Eric Otto

Product Development Engineer

“I love the fact that I get to do my hobbies for a living. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing… as long as it’s engineering!” Foster graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University. In his spare time, Foster enjoys tinkering, making things… and getting grease and sawdust everywhere! If Foster had the chance, he would live in the Canadian Rocky Mountains as their size and beauty puts things into perspective.

Foster Hovey

Product Development Engineer

Frank graduated from Hope College with a BA in Communications. He’s a part of the Talent Solutions team and enjoys helping customers and candidates achieve their long-terms goals. In 2016 Frank earned his Professional Recruiter Certification (PRC) from AIRS Training Academy. When he isn’t working, Frank’s favorite activities include golfing, kayaking, and volunteering his time to the Hudsonville High School Varsity Basketball team.

Frank Groen

Talent Engineer

Fred is a business leader at DISHER coaching a group of highly talented mechanical engineers who are experts in new product development.  His experience includes engineering, project management, and sales.  He holds a BSME from the University of Michigan and is a Registered Professional Engineer in the state of Michigan.  Fred has over 20 years in the office furniture industry in a variety of positions.

Fred Pettinga

Business Lead - Product Development

The desire to make a significant impact in the lives of others makes Gabe an asset to the Talent Solutions team. Gabe is a native of Zeeland, Michigan and graduate of Hope College with a BA in Business Management/Communication. He enjoys hiking, fishing, time with friends, and is an avid dog lover. He also enjoys sipping a good cup of Joe—
let him know when you’re free!

Gabe Boss

Talent Engineer

James has a BS in Plastics Engineering Technology from Penn State Erie with over 10 years of experience. He is a certified CATIA V5 Part Design & Surface Design Specialist, a proficient user of NX, and an active member of the Society of Automotive Engineers. He has a wide range of automotive component diversity with many OEMs. In his free time, James enjoys running competitively, helping Habitat for Humanity, traveling, and camping.

James Szymanowski

Product Development Engineer

Jason loves solving problems and coming up with new ideas. He brings a variety of experience in machine design and product development. Jason is a certified SolidWorks expert and a certified DriveWorks professional. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family, DIY projects, and exploring new places. He received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Calvin College.

Jason Noteboom

Team Lead - Machine | Product Design Engineer

Jay has an Associate’s in Electrical Engineering, a Bachelor’s in Business Management, and an MBA in Project Management. He is also an AIAG certified APQP/PPAP Specialist, KT Certified Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Practitioner, ASQ Certified Quality Engineer, and ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt. In his spare time, Jay enjoys his 3 kids, participates in Tae Kwon Do tournaments, runs a Korean Martial Arts Club, and prepares tax statements.

Jay VanderBoon

Advanced Quality Engineer

Since 2011, Jed’s applied his mechanical design engineering aptitude using SolidWorks and CAD software. “I enjoy creating things in general. 3D printers are great because anyone can bring their design to real life. I personally like to prototype robots with hobby electronics.” Jed loves the outdoors and survival-type camping, he also enjoys cooking. Jed completed his BS in Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

Jed Powell

Product Development Engineer

Joe enjoys coaching the Manufacturing Technology team and draws from a wide variety of work experience including manufacturing, quality systems, machining, and programming. Joe received an Aeronautical Engineering degree from Western Michigan University. Outside of work, he likes to spend time at home with his wife and two boys and leads various ministries at his church.

Joe Dyer

Team Lead - Manufacturing Tech Services

Joe is passionate about people and the planet and the ways business can be used as a tool to make this world a better place. He is currently pursuing his BA in Business Marketing and Environmental Studies at Calvin College and expects to graduate in 2019. Joe is a true outdoors enthusiast who enjoys fishing, hiking, sailing, water sports, and training. His favorite author is Aldo Leopold.

Joe Sikma

Marketing Intern

With 15 years of aviation systems engineering, product engineering, production support, project/program management (think Boeing 787 Dreamliner), Joe has a ton of knowledge to contribute. He has a Masters in Engineering Management from Western Michigan University, a BS in Electrical Engineering from GVSU, and PMP Certification. In his spare time, Joe enjoys cooking, making music, woodworking, and building a beautiful life with his wife & 3 kids.

Joe Pighetti

Electronics Systems Engineer

For the past 20 years, Joel has actively applied his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Kettering University in a variety of roles. His expertise includes machine and controls design and development, customer service, and quoting. Joel and his family enjoy exploring new places and meeting new people. Golf is his favorite pastime and reading insightful books that are full of adventure.

Joel Rottman

Automation Engineer

Jon has a BS in Engineering with a Mechanical emphasis from Calvin College. He holds certifications as both a Certified SolidWorks Professional and also a Certified DriveWorks Professional. Jon enjoys mountain biking as well as golfing and also volunteers at the First Tee of West Michigan. 

Jon Brock

Product Design Engineer

Jonah loves everything automotive… from working on cars and taking long road trips to his experience with performance-related components like exhaust systems and superchargers. If Jonah could live anywhere he would choose a home on Lake Michigan. “Sure, the winters here are a bit rough sometimes, but you can’t beat a Michigan summer!” Jonah received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Kettering University.

Jonah Heemstra

Product Development Engineer

Jonathan brings DISHER deep software engineering knowledge with close to 20 years of work experience from his time at JCI automotive, GE aerospace, and a variety of small companies. In addition to outdoor activities, Jonathan enjoys piano, photography, travel, cooking, games, and electronics. His favorite day so far was jumping off the tallest building in Auckland, NZ and seeing Phantom of the Opera that night. Jonathan received his BSEE from Grand Valley State University.

Jonathan Van Antwerp

Electronics Engineer – Software

Jon brings a decade of engineering experience to benefit DISHER customers. He earned his Electrical Engineering degree from the Citadel and his MBA from Southern Arkansas University. Jon enjoys spending time with his young family, sports, and exercise. He’s a big fan of college football, the Olympic games, and C.S. Lewis.

Jonathan Vallejo

Project Manager

Jordan is pursuing a BS in Product Design and Manufacturing from Grand Valley State University, a Minor in Business Administration, and an Emphasis in Entrepreneurship. His experience includes machine assembly, CNC operator, and product design using SolidWorks. Solar power energy is an important topic to Jordan as he uses it in his home and teaches a STEM solar-panel-making workshop to middle school students.

Jordan Vanderham

Engineering Intern

Josh has a B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan. He assists customers in all phases of new product development, but specializes in mechanism design, optimization, and Pro/E modeling. He is an avid fly fisherman and lifelong Michigan fan.

Josh Bultema

Product Development Engineer

Kathy is a Talent Engineer with over 15 years of experience helping to hire people. Training and mentoring team members are a joy. “In our team, People are our Product. We are Recruitment Redesigned.”

Kathy Osmun

Talent Engineer

Kelli is part of our Business Operations team and handles customer invoicing. She has over 13 years of accounting and office management experience. Kelli loves spending time with her husband and five children and attending many of their activities. She also enjoys church involvement, being outdoors, and boating… and loves to laugh! Kelli received her BA in Accounting from Grand Valley State University.

Kelli Hills

Business Operations Specialist

Kevin Casey has a BS in Plastics Engineering Technology from Ferris State University and has experience in the plastics and consumer goods industries. His capabilities include process engineering, material formulations work and full cycle product development engineering. Outside of work he enjoys being  outdoors and watching the Tigers.

Kevin Casey

Product Development Engineer

Kim is a Certified Public Accountant with a Masters in Accounting from Grand Valley State University. She brings both public and private accounting experience to DISHER as the Finance Leader.  Kim is responsible for DISHER’s Business Operations team and finance functions.  She spends her spare time volunteering, traveling and spending time with family and friends.

Kim Blackburn

Business Lead – Finance | Business Operations

Kimberly brings many skills from her years at Bethany Christian Services and Women at Risk International. A Grand Valley State University alumni, Kimberly received her BA in Public and Nonprofit Administration with an Emphasis in Community Health and a Minor in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Kimberly loves kayaking, hiking, camping, traveling, and art— in addition to her husband and golden retriever.

Kimberly Bauer

Talent Acquisition Coordinator

Kristian has a BA in HR Mgmt. from WMU.  As a Talent Strategist, he helps organizations attract and retain top talent in a wide variety of industries and fields.  He’s passionate about travel and experiencing new cultures which is why he joined the Peace Corps as a Small Business Development consultant where he served 27 months in Morocco.

Kristian Woods

Team Lead - Talent Solutions

Kristin is a driven individual that can do technical design or project management. Her passion for organization and quality make her a key player in any project. She graduated from Calvin College with a BSE in Mechanical Engineering and holds training certifications for Solidworks and Pro-E.

Kristin Zietlow

Product Development Engineer

Laura has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Central Michigan University. She has experience in product validation and test engineering. She loves trying new things and spending time with her friends, family, and hound dogs.

Laura Nelson

Product Development Engineer

Laura brings over 20 years of creative marketing experience as a business owner and employee. She has a BA in Business – Marketing/Management from Cedarville University and an MBA from Western Michigan University. She is passionate about developing useful communication tools that help others to succeed. Time with family/friends, long walks, art, sports, and summer are a few of her favorite things.

Laura Anthony

Graphic Designer & Copywriter

Lynn enjoys coaching his team and brings over 20 years of experience in account management, product development, and quality engineering. He serves customers in a variety of industries:  aerospace, automotive, RV, food processing, agri-business, consumer products, and more. Lynn has a BS from Central Michigan University and an MS from Western Michigan University.

Lynn VanSickle

Team Lead – Product Development | Program Management

Maddie is a Calvin College alumni with a BS in Mechanical Engineering who has a knack for problem solving and passion for tackling complex engineering challenges. In her free time, she enjoys painting and visiting her family in Chicago. Maddie is a fan of the Harry Potter series and considers pasta to be her favorite food.

Maddie Collins

Product Development Engineer

Marcus brings to DISHER a wealth of experience in manufacturing, machine design, and product development. Marcus always wanted to grow up and become an engineer so he’s living the dream at DISHER! Outside of work, his growing family is his primary focus. He enjoys singing, camping, trips to northern Michigan, and cheering on the Detroit Lions. He received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Calvin College.

Marcus Krosschell

Product Development Engineer

Mark brings over 30 years of manufacturing experience in engineering, operations, machinery, automation, quality, and project management within multiple industries. He received his BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan. During his downtime, Mark loves sports (Go Blue!) and home remodeling.

Mark Ekdom

Manufacturing Engineer | Project Manager

Martin spent three years as a DISHER engineering intern and became a leading draft pick upon graduation for DISHER’s product development team. Martin is a graduate of Northwestern University with a BS in Materials Science and Engineering. In his free time, he enjoys reading, podcasts, running, hiking, trivia, and soccer. If he could live anywhere in the world, he’d choose Seattle because it smells like the ocean and he wouldn’t get sunburned.

Martin Hewitt

Product Development Engineer

MaryAnn received a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan and brings close to a decade of experience in manufacturing, quality, and process engineering. She loves seeing teams succeed and lives by the mantra—“Teamwork makes the dream work!” Besides enjoying the variety of work at DISHER, MaryAnn loves cooking, beach volleyball, golf, reading, and time with her family.

MaryAnn Winsemius

Product Development Engineer

Matt has been working in Product Development for 14 years, primarily in the material handling industry.  His experience spans concepting, design and sourcing through to production and product launch.

Matt Steenwyk

Product Development Engineer

Matt has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Lake Superior State University.  He is an ISO certified Category III Vibration Analyst and Certified Solidworks Professional. 

Matt Engle

Mechanical Engineer

Michelle brings significant product launch and project management skills from her years in automotive at Prince Corporation. She is a graduate of Vanderbilt University with a Bachelors of Engineering in Electrical Engineering (BEEE) and Bradley University with an MBA. Michelle loves to read in addition to outdoor activities including biking, camping, hiking, and water sports. Her proudest accomplishment is raising four boys with character, integrity, and amazing values. Lastly, GO GREEN!

Michelle Bjork

Project Manager

Mike has a B.S. in Product Design & Manufacturing Engineering from Grand Valley State University with over 16 years of industry experience. He has developed many products  across a wide array of industries from Automotive to consumer product to furniture to lighting development and more. He enjoys working on cars, kiteboarding, and solving problems.

Mike Zwiers

Team Lead - Product Development

Mike has a B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Illinois with almost 40 years of manufacturing experience. He provides teams with manufacturing, Lean and project management leadership to enhance their operations. He is an avid reader enjoying science, history, mystery/adventure and science fiction.   

Mike Wells

Manufacturing Engineer

Mike is equipped with over 20 years of Project Management, Advanced Quality Engineering, and Launch Manufacturing experience in a variety of industries including: automotive, battery, food, building products, and office furniture. Mike received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University. During the summer months, he enjoys camping, NASCAR, and fishing.

Mike Moerler

Program Manager | Project Engineer

Nate has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and a Master’s in Biomedical Engineering from Grand Valley State University. He provides capability and experience in product design, CAD design, quality and regulatory engineering, and biomechanics and data analysis.

Nate Vliestra

Product Development Engineer

“I believe you reap what you sow; therefore, I work hard to get the most out of every opportunity given,” comments Nathan. Nathan enjoys life and lives it with purpose in Christ. His hobbies include mission trips, recreational vehicles, sports, and spending time with family. Nathan’s alma matter is Ferris State where he received an Automotive Engineering Technology degree. On Karaoke night, Nathan would sing with Long Black Train by Josh Turner.

Nathan Cummings

Product Development Engineer

Nick comes to DISHER with design engineering experience that dates back to 2005. He’s done everything from designing part assemblies to supervising the parts successfully through the manufacturing process. Nick attended Ferris State University where he received his BS degree in Product Design Engineering Technology, and an Associate in Applied Science – CAD Drafting and Tool Design. Nick enjoys boating, woodworking, and automobiles. His favorite sport to watch and play is football.

Nick Tonar

Product Development Engineer

Patrick graduated from Michigan Tech with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and has nearly 20 years of experience with mechanical design and FEA. He has developed and analyzed products in a variety of industries but specializes in welded structures, metal fatigue, and injection-molded components and assemblies. Patrick enjoys restoring vintage cars, tinkering with audio equipment, and time with family.

Patrick Grossman

Product Development Engineer

All things audible have kept Pete’s interest peaked and his career path loaded with opportunities to play with electronics and mechanical acoustic phenomena.  It has inspired software and hardware creations and now many projects later he’s now comfortable in multiple engineering environments, able to create digital or analog electronics that meet the contradicting goals of: cost, efficiency, function, environment, EMC, validation and production.

Pete Mokris

Electronics Engineer

Phil is a graduate of Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering where he received a BS in Mechanical Engineering. Phil has several patents under his belt relating to renewable energy, and he’s written STEM curriculum for Michigan school districts using community projects as authentic learning opportunities. Phil is an avid sailor who races locally on Lake Michigan and holds a 50-ton Masters License with the USCG.

Phil Dirkse

Product Development Engineer

Ray has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nebraska with almost 30 years of automotive experience, primarily in interiors (door panels, overhead systems, plastics, and vinyl wrapped components). He has also worked with power steering systems.

Ray Hartnett

Project Engineer

Richard is a Product Development Engineer with 17+ years expertise completing comprehensive projects to meet and exceed cost and quality objectives while adhering to timelines and cost control. As a team lead, Richard trains and mentors teams to top performance. He is adept with CAD tools and plastic molds, die-castings, electronic components and metal stampings as well as electro-mechanical products.

Richard Campbell

Team Lead - Product Development

Robbie has a B.S. in Product Design & Manufacturing Engineering from Grand Valley State University. Primarily working as a Project Engineer, Robbie has a background using internal engineering systems and tools to complete projects while coordinating with suppliers and customers.

Robbie Sullivan

Project Engineer

Ron has a A.A.S. in Machine Tool Technologies from Ferris State University. He has also completed a four year United States Department of Labor Tool and Die Journeyman certification. Ron also has a A.A.S. in Paralegal Studies from Davenport University and is still seeking a B.S. in Legal Studies from Davenport. Ron works in most all automotive product launch roles including product design and tool manufacturing. Ron’s hobbies include photography and fly fishing.

Ron Paul

Product Development Engineer

Ryan is a seasoned mechanical engineer with substantial experience in machine and product development. He’s a continual learner and teacher/coach, welcoming constructive criticism to satisfy an insatiable desire for excellence.

Ryan Noble

Team Lead - Product & Machine Design

Ryan has a BFA from Kendall College with a primary focus in Industrial Design. He hopes to help people however possible through his design process. Ryan also fancies building bicycles and drinking good coffee.

Ryan Gardner

Industrial Designer

Ryan brings to DISHER expertise in product development with a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University. His role model is his mother who raised him and his two older sisters by herself. “Being exposed to her work ethic all of my life really pushes me to be the best I can be,” Ryan states. Ryan is a big football fan and admits to rooting for the Detroit Lions.

Ryan Warsen

Product Development Engineer

Ryan has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Grand Valley State University.  He started with Disher in 2002, and has worked in many different fields of engineering across several industries.  Outside of work, Ryan is an avid sports fan and enjoys coaching his 4 boys.

Ryan Snip

Team Lead - Product Development

Sam has a B.S. in Product Design Engineering Technology with 10 year’s experience in the automotive industry. He is a Product Designer with automotive experience in Plastic Injection Molding, Plastic and Aluminum Extrusion, and Roll forming and stampings.  Sam is also experienced in CAD  NX & Catia V5.

Sam Smith

Product Development Engineer

Sarah is currently pursing her Mechanical Engineering degree from Grand Valley State University. Sarah enjoys playing sports – especially volleyball and softball. She also plays the violin and performed at Carnegie Hall with her high school. Her most memorable family vacation was the Smokey Mountains where she enjoyed horseback riding, zip lining, the Dixie Stampede, and fantastic food.

Sarah Watson

Engineering Intern

Sarah has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University, with professional experience in Engineering Sales, Account Management, Project Management, and Business Ownership. In her free time, Sarah enjoys camping, vacationing, water sports, and loves the summertime. 

Sarah Koetsier

Project Manager

Scott received a BS in Electrical Engineering from Hope College and brings experience in controls, electrical, and design engineering. He is passionate about building new things and learning along the way with a team that works together. Scott enjoys wood working, sailing, outdoor activities, and long walks on the beach. His hero is Elon Musk and favorite authors include Orson Scott Card, JK Rowling, and JRR Tolkien.

Scott Brandonisio

Electronics Engineer

Sean has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a BS in Psychology, both from Grand Valley State University. As a product engineer, he facilitates design and manufacturing changes on production parts. He has a strong background in statistical analysis and is a self-proclaimed sommelier. 

Sean Townshend

Mechanical Engineer

Sean has nearly a decade of product development experience in a variety of industries ranging from medical, automotive, furniture, consumer products, and defense. He holds a BS in Engineering Design and an MS in Manufacturing Engineering from Western Michigan University. Sean enjoys hiking, mountaineering, skiing, movies, and is pursuing a PhD in his free time.

Sean Derrick

Product Development Engineer

Shawn has a BS in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Kettering University. He enjoys coaching hands-on Continuous Improvement/Lean activities. He has a background in machine automation (robotics, CNC, sensors, pneumatics, PLC programming (AB, Omron), Vision Systems, HMI screen programming, PLC to Network Database Integration),  micro-electronics integration and mechatronics, computer programming, and has a strong drive to always learning new things. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his two adorable little girls and his wonderful wife.

Shawn O'Farrell

Team Lead - Manufacturing Tech Services

Shawna graduated with a BA in Management and Communication from Hope College. As a Talent Engineer, she partners with companies and plays professional matchmaker. She enjoys traveling and finding the next best cup of coffee.

Shawna Vite

Talent Engineer

As a CAD designer, Steve has 30+ years of product engineering experience – with the majority in automotive interiors and several in construction equipment. He is named on 3 US patents, has a BS in Computer Technology and an Associate in Mechanical Design and Drafting Technology.  

Steve Spoerre

Product Development Engineer

Tami enjoys working part-time in accounts receivable with the flexibility to accommodate her busy family schedule. She supports the DISHER team in a variety of ways from greeting guests, assisting with payroll, and helping coordinate meetings and events. Tami is also the Teaching Leader for Bible Study Fellowship, an interdenominational Bible study.

Tami Sneller

Business Operations Specialist

Taryn will graduate with her BA in Business Administration and a Minor in Art from Hope College in the Spring of 2018. Her first marketing internship was with a surfing company in Sydney, Australia where she helped with website content creation, blogging, and design. Taryn is passionate about music, art, photography, and videography. She enjoys traveling, eating avocados, and reading good books.

Taryn King

Marketing Intern

Tim received a BA in Physics from Kalamazoo College and an MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan. He brings over 10 years of experience in concept to manufacturing product development within the automotive and office furniture industries. Tim loves to spend his free time with his kids. He also enjoys reading, golfing, and playing soccer whenever possible.

Tim Ullrey

Product Development Engineer

Todd has a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering from New Mexico State University.  For the last 30 years he has been involved in all phases of design and development of a large variety of products.  He enjoys traveling, sports, time with his friends and family and is active in the community.

Todd Kercher

Product Development Engineer

Travis is passionate about sustainability and all things mechanical. He brings over ten years of knowledge in packaging design, process and product improvements for manufacturing, and the packaging value chain. Travis received a BS in Packaging from Michigan State University. He also is a Certified Packaging Professional (CPP), a Six Sigma Greenbelt, and a board member for the West Michigan IoPP chapter. Travis has two kids and enjoys mountain biking and anything in the snow.

Travis Gibbs

Packaging Engineer

Tyler has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Kettering University. He has several years of product design and development experience in a variety of industries, but specializes in injection molding. Highly trained in NX Unigraphics and Solidworks. At home, he enjoys working on his many mechanical projects and hobby farming with his wife.

Tyler Last

Product Development Engineer

Vicki holds a degree in Sales and Marketing and has over 20 year experience in project management and client services that span a wide variety of industries – including furniture, automotive, consumer products and residential homebuilding. She enjoys her girls’ sporting events, family vacations, gardening and her morning coffee.

Vicki Zylstra

Team Lead - Marketing | Discovery

This quote from Will Smith resonates with Zac, “If you’re not making someone else’s life better, then you’re wasting your time. Your life will become better by making other lives better.” Zac loves problem solving and is excited to contribute. He earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Grand Valley State University where he also played hockey and participated in two national championship games. He also enjoys golfing, skiing, and the outdoors.

Zac Strain

Product Development Engineer

Zach has a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Grand Valley State University and primarily works as a Machine Design Engineer using SolidWorks. He plays golf, softball, and soccer in his spare time.

Zach Neville

Product Design Engineer