The Latest and Greatest from the Consumer Electronics Show

Author: Tod Grams

What is CES? The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the more influential technology events that happens just once a year that brings together consumers, suppliers, developers and many other professionals into one huge location. The beauty of a show like this is that a company like Disher can gain vital product and technology knowledge, top trends, and market insight… Read More

Hand-Moldable Plastic

Hand-Moldable Plastic

What is it? Hand-moldable plastic allows a designer to create real plastic objects with bare hands.  Simply heat up the plastic with hot air or water, allow it to cool slightly to the touch, and mold away!  Think of it as play-doh for big kids.  After setting, the materials can be machined with conventional machining methods. What can it be… Read More

Velostat Resistive Sensor

Cool Gadgets & Materials:  Disher has a collection of cool gadgets and materials that serve as inspiration during Whiteboard Wednesday™ Sessions. There are a wide variety of mechanisms, gadgets and materials in the collection that encourage us to think outside the box when we are designing new products.  The 3M™ Velostat™ family of products is made of opaque, volume-conductive, carbon-impregnated polyolefin…. Read More