Hammer Time… 7 Common Hammers & When to Use Them

Author: Sean Derrick


Rookie Year: The Engineering Intern’s Toolbox (Part 3) A Series of Technical Blogs for Engineering Interns & Entry-Level Engineers It’s hammer time… cue the music. To most interns and entry level engineers a hammer is a hammer. “They all look the same and they’re all used to bang stuff together, right?” Actually, it is not that simple. Sometimes using the… Read More

Celebrated Design Trends from NeoCon 2016

Author: Dan Parker

NeoCon 2016

As an engineer and product designer, NeoCon is the perfect place to notice trends in commercial design. While walking this year’s show held June 13-15 at The Mart in Chicago, I searched for examples of mechanical designs that weren’t hidden but rather celebrated. A few items caught my attention. Transparent StructureWe are leaving the era of hiding structure behind plastic… Read More

Building an Intern Program that Really Works!

Author: Allison Ives

Intern Avengers

  I can attest to the value of Disher’s intern program because I was one not too long ago! During the summer of my junior collegiate year, I became a Disher intern. I thought an internship would consist of not getting paid, retrieving coffee for coworkers, cleaning the office, organizing files, and doing other tasks that didn’t require critical thought…. Read More

Micro… What? How to use a Micrometer

Author: Sean Derrick


Rookie Year: The Engineering Intern’s Toolbox (Part 2) A Series of Technical Blogs for Engineering Interns & Entry-Level Engineers “What on earth is that thing?” asks everyone who sees a micrometer for the first time. Who can blame them as it looks like something from a medieval torture chamber. And it’s just as tricky to operate. “This thing takes three… Read More

The Top 10 Dimensions of a Thriving Culture

Jeff Disher Speaking

After being recognized in Fortune as the 21st Best Small Workplace in the United States by Great Place to Work®, Jeff Disher, Founder and President of Disher, was asked to speak on How to Build a Great Culture at the Michigan West Coast Chamber’s Early Bird Breakfast on June 14, 2016. Jeff has been very intentional about building a winning culture… Read More

Bolt Boot Camp: 6 Things to Know About Threaded Fasteners

Author: Sean Derrick

Bolts and Nuts

Rookie Year: The Engineering Intern’s Toolbox A Series of Technical Blogs for Engineering Interns & Entry-Level Engineers While warmer temps are upon us and school is out for the summer, it’s time for many to begin that most interesting season of the year… summer internships. Across the nation, engineering interns are getting their first taste of professional life and hopefully… Read More

Disher Attends 2016 Ann Arbor SPARK Annual Meeting

Author: Cynthia VanRenterghem and Dayna Beal


Business is strong in Ann Arbor thanks in large part to the Ann Arbor SPARK organization and partners like Disher who is a Funding Member. At the Annual Meeting on May 16, the Disher team was pleased to learn just how impressive SPARK’s economic-development impact is including: 30 company growth projects with $238 million in new investment commitments; 1,279 new… Read More

DISHER, A Great Place to Give Back

Included below are just a few stories from DISHER folks who are making a positive difference in their corner of the world.   Some Giving Back Stories “I am the leader of one of our foundational cultural characteristics we call Stewardship here at DISHER. This is a voluntary role where I can guide the entire team throughout the year regarding stewardship… Read More

Disher Named 4th Best Consulting & Professional Services Workplace in the U.S.

Consulting and Professional Services Feature Image

Great Place to Work® and Fortune magazine have named DISHER, the 4th Best Workplace for Consulting & Professional Services.  DISHER and the other Top 20 companies were selected based on anonymous responses to the Trust Index©, a Great Place to Work employee assessment survey. Employees assessed the levels of trust, pride, and camaraderie they experience in their workplace. “Every person… Read More

Seven Tips to Good Project Management

Author: Jeff Disher

Most project management classes teach the basic tools and how to use them. They’ll cover topics like risk analysis, budgeting, work breakdown structures and critical paths to name a few. These are fundamental tools for any good project manager to learn and know; however, by themselves, they will be nothing more than tasks to complete along the way. What is… Read More