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Be a Change Agent for Recycling

Recycled Plastic Bottles

Most American’s are at least aware of the recycling efforts taking place around them every day. As a Packaging Engineer, I care deeply about how materials and packages are disposed of because of my passion in sustainability. Recycling is a growing global challenge. In January, China made changes regarding the types of waste materials they will accept due… Read More

5 Ways to Improve Your Next VA/VE Initiative

5 Ways to Improve Your Next VAVE Initiative

For those who may be unfamiliar, Value Analysis and Value Engineering (VA/VE) is a problem-solving methodology that uses two effective processes for optimizing the value of a product or service. What differentiates them is the point when they are applied in the product life-cycle process. Value Engineering is conducted before any significant financial investments (i.e. tooling, plant, or… Read More

3 Tips for Effective Problem Solving

3 Tips for Effective Problem Solving

The team at DISHER loves to problem solve. We take on many roles with clients where we put our hours of problem-solving training and experience to work. Some of our favorite structured methods include: Six Sigma, Shainen, KT, Practical Problem Solving, A3 problem solving, and 8D problem Solving. However, the complete list of problem-solving tools is endless. Each… Read More

3 Ways to Innovate Smarter and Faster

3 Ways to Innovate Smarter and Faster

The pace of innovation can make your head spin. Just a little over a decade ago no one owned a smart phone. Only forty years ago—no one owned a computer. Today, over 60% of Americans are glued to some type of screen. Even colleges struggle to put together curriculums for careers that are coming. It’s hard to keep… Read More