CES 2019: And the Winner is…

Bell HelicopterCES 2019 is a showcase for innovation— see DISHER’s top picks by industry. However, companies are only innovative when new ideas become realities. DISHER helps make it happen. ... Read More

Paying it Forward: Access Granted

Midnight Golf Program You don’t know what you don’t know. As I stood in front of a classroom of high school juniors explaining ACT testing strategies, I realized they really didn’t know. Not because they didn’t want to know how to perform well on the ACT, but because they didn’t have access to the tools to succeed. I was only a year older than them and... Read More

Stewardship Brings Purpose

December is Stewardship month at DISHER! Stewardship is one of our 12 Culture Characteristics. If you were sitting in our company’s all-team meeting last Friday, you would have heard Kimberly and Chuck share why we embrace stewardship and stories of how we live it out— not just in December but throughout the year. One of the quotes they shared... Read More