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Previous Newsletters

The Dish | May 2018

This May, the newsletter highlights important aspects of the hiring process, discovering community, and how to effectively give and receive feedback. DISHER’s team is also rapidly expanding – discover our new talent here.

The Dish | January 2018

Our newsletter this month is focused on CES 2018. The show brings together the biggest and brightest consumer technologies in the world. DISHER’s cross-functional team was there for the entire show, exploring the top tech trends happening now and in the future.

The Dish | December 2017

This month features season’s greetings from the DISHER team. DISHER wishes its employees, customers, and community a wonderful holiday and a happy new year!

The Dish | October 2017

In this edition of The Dish we feature the first part of a two part series on being the best leader you can be and what you can do to grow your leadership abilities.

The Dish | August/September 2017

In this combined newsletter, DISHER delves into the importance of making culture visuals and vision mapping. These processes are essential for capturing the culture, heartbeat, and direction of an organization.

The Dish | July 2017

This month features in depth coverage of DISHER’s new culture tours. Culture tours are a helpful catalyst to inspire companies to create a culture by design and they provide an excellent framework for companies to draw upon.

The Dish | June 2017

In this newsletter, DISHER breaks down its Lunch & Learn program and the importance of connecting with colleagues. These sessions reinforce DISHER’s commitment to investing in team-member development.

The Dish | April/May 2017

In this combined newsletter, DISHER provides insights into effective decision making and improving time management skills. These topics are essential within DISHER’s industry and can be a catalyst in effective project management.

The Dish | March 2017

The month features informative insights into product development, product design, and project management. DISHER continually practices thought leadership to maintain its high-level of performance in the product engineering industry.

The Dish | January 2017

This month, DISHER’s electronics team attended the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. This annual trade show details upcoming technologies, processes, and innovations in the world of electronics.

The Dish | December 2016

This month features DISHER’s Christmas card video. DISHER wishes its employees, stakeholders, and community a Merry Christmas and an enjoyable holiday season!

The Dish | November 2016

This month features DISHER being awarded the 5TH BEST SMALL WORKPLACE IN AMERICA by Great Place to Work (GPTW) and FORTUNE. For DISHER, the award is a wonderful byproduct of our intentional investment in culture as the foundation of our success as a business.

The Dish | October 2016

This month features Jeff Disher Receiving 2015-16 Business Leadership Award from the Michigan West Coast Chamber which was announced in their August issue of Connect Magazine. Winners were nominated by members of the Chamber.

The Dish | September 2016

This month features our Talent Solutions (TS) capabilities on our brand new TS website including TS videos, examples and testimonials. Let us know how we can help your organization elevate its talent brand to attract and retain highly qualified and engaged candidates.

The Dish | July 2016

This month features the DISHER team having the privilege of enjoying a day at Camp GENEVA’s beautiful retreat center on the shores of Lake Michigan for a company-wide offsite. These bi-annual collaborative sessions give members the opportunity to participate in strategic planning, culture enrichment, community, and stewardship.

The Dish | June 2016

This month features the new DISHER video and Jeff Disher’s “Ten Dimensions That Make a Great Culture” Jeff has been very intentional about building a winning culture from his humble start 16 years ago. His foundational mission was and still is to: Make a Positive Difference.

The Dish | May 2016

This month features Great Place to Work® and Fortune magazine have named DISHER, the 4TH BEST WORKPLACE FOR CONSULTING & PROFESSIONAL SERVICES. DISHER and the other Top 20 companies were selected based on anonymous responses to the Trust Index©, a Great Place to Work employee assessment survey. Employees assessed the levels of trust, pride, and camaraderie they experience in their workplace.

The Dish | April 2016

This month our newsletter featured our interest in new opportunities in community involvement through events, sponsorship, and career fairs. It’s shaping up to be a busy month with exciting new events, spanning all over Michigan.

The Dish | February 2016

This month featuring DISHER’s award of the MEDC Grant to support talent expansion in Michigan.

The Dish | January 2016

This month features all the exciting things we have already been up to this year.

The Dish | November 2015

This month DISHER hosted an open house to celebrate the company’s fifteen year anniversary. The event, “15 years of Thanksgiving,” was a time of celebration with everyone who has made a positive difference with us.

The event had a wonderful turn out and we are thankful for everyone who came to celebrate with us!

The Dish | October 2015

This month we have been full of preparation for our upcoming open house to celebrate DISHER’s fifteen year anniversary. The event, “15 years of Thanksgiving,” will be a time to celebrate everyone who has made a positive difference with us.

The Dish | September 2015

We have been keeping busy at DISHER lately, as we’re sure you have too. 2015 has been a steady year of reflection, celebration and preparation as this January we passed our landmark of 15 years in business!