Bread Slicer

Case Study


Renew the design aesthetics and user interface (ergonomics, accessibility, space, and safety) of an industrial bread slicer.

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Design Before

The customer’s objective was to retain their position as the innovators in the industry by introducing a more aesthetically pleasing bread slicer with improved functionality, safety, and ergonomic features.

Innovation Workshop™

Subject Matter Experts, Creative Leads, and Facilitators gathered with the customer for a day-long ideation session to define specific design challenges and requirements to best meet user needs. Ideas were discussed, ranked, and prioritized.

Rapid Prototyping

The Engineering Team developed alterations and mock-ups to transform user-centered designs into realities quickly and affordably. The process focused on improved angles and height for better ergonomics.

Design Renderings

During the final design phase, the Industrial Design and Engineering Teams integrated the innovative concepts and developed various designs for the front cover, in-feed cover, out-feed, and shape. After final customer approvals, product renderings were translated into CAD.

Design After

The customer took DISHER’s CAD drawings to their manufacturing resources and successfully built and launched the new bread slicer into their product offering.