Demo Buck Exterior

Case Study


Develop and integrate innovative, user-centered features involving electronics, lighting, and software for a show car.

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Vehicle Preparation

Began by stripping, cutting, and elongating an existing vehicle. The team of engineers fabricated a new infrastructure.

Custom Vehicle Rebuild

Rebuilt, painted, and finished the buck exterior to show-quality customer specifications using a rolling platform for ease of construction.

Feature Integration

Built and integrated innovative features based on approved designs. The features (video monitors, roof and bike rack, HUD display, door sensors, light scanners, & more) were tested to meet the specs & requirements.

Feature Finishing

Integrated the TV monitor and windshield, installed final material components, and finished the sit-down display buck to auto-show visual standards and flawless live demonstration requirements.

Easy-Access Design

Developed backside access to provide easy entry for participants. An intuitive control panel was designed to activate key features.