Dev Process Revamp

Case Study


To redesign our customer’s product development process and recommend a plan to implement the changes.

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Problem Definition

This consumer products leader was experiencing complex acquisitions, new products, and varying regulations globally. Their current product development process was no longer effective

Current State Analysis

DISHER helped them map their current process. We identified the process gaps and problem areas. Together, we prioritized the areas of improvement to address first.

Future State Design

DISHER trained a cross-functional team on business process mapping (BPM), lean, and continuous improvement principles. DISHER led the team in developing a future state map unifying them in the process.


The team generated an action plan to address the key gaps and problem areas. DISHER coached them on gaining alignment from global stakeholders. The new streamlined process was rolled-out globally and successfully adopted.


The expected results from the new process include: a reduction in leadtime, handoffs, and rework; and clarity around process flow and roles.