Gear Shifter

Case Study


To quickly develop, integrate, & field test 3 different gear shifters for customer to learn which interface users preferred while driving.

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Fast Requirements

DISHER had 4 weeks to develop 3 different types of working gear shifters and the firmware for a test vehicle.

Sketches & Renderings

Industrial Designers developed rapid concept sketches and refined renderings to show user interaction, design intentions, and lighting options.

Technology Integration

The Engineering Team developed and integrated LEDs, wiring, user interface, switching logic, CAN controller and the firmware (CAN network communication, safety logic & protocol, and mechanical lock-out system).

Functional Prototypes

DISHER designed and developed 3 different functional shift selector prototypes, adapting and integrating the electronics and mechanisms into an existing test vehicle.

Successful Field Testing

Hundreds of customers and executives field tested the pilot vehicle. They successfully interacted with all 3 prototype gear shifters in several states.