Healthcare Furniture

Case Study


To develop an innovative product line that promotes provider to patient communication, supports technology, and is adaptable to a variety of medical settings.

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Problem Statement Definition

DISHER analyzed industry trends and data through user surveys, exam room visits, interviews, and online research. A clear problem statement was defined collaboratively. The story our customer wanted to write was substantiated.

Research & Requirements

The top criteria were categorized and identified. A full list of product requirements were validated and supported by the research. New opportunities were also identified.

Concept Development

DISHER hosted a Whiteboard Workshop event with the customer to brainstorm, sketch, and design possibilities. The ergonomic, communication, space, and adaptive requirements were concepted. User feedback on the concepts was gathered and analyzed.


DISHER developed looks-like and works-like prototypes for the mobile tables and docking solutions. The prototypes utilized true-to-process parts from customer suppliers. DISHER assessed manufacturing feasibility and cost targets.

Introduced & Awarded

DISHER made recommendations. The customer introduced the product, and it won the Nightingale Gold Award in the “Furniture: Clinician Support” category at the 2017 Healthcare Design Conference.