Innovation Workshop

Case Study


To help companies expedite the creative process of innovation and enable them to make clear, unified decisions for the future.

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A Collaborative Process

DISHER employs a unique, disciplined process to guide innovation. Certified facilitators, subject matter experts, and creative leads guide participants through one to three-day customized workshops.

Trends & Benchmarking

The Discovery team from DISHER conducts deep-dive research prior to the workshop. Current industry trends are captured and cross-industry benchmarking is gathered and organized for analysis during the workshop.

Define, Ideate, & Expand

After learning more about the company, the problem statement is clearly defined. Together, the group ideates, picks, and expands top solutions based on user desirability, production feasibility, and commercial viability.

Develop Playbooks

Playbooks are created by the DISHER team by combining the best ideas from the workshop. Playbooks showcase idea descriptions, sketches, renderings, inspiration examples, and possible next steps.

Rank Playbooks

The participants rank and compare the playbooks on user desirability, production feasibility, and commercial viability to make clear, objective decisions.