LEAN Productivity

Case Study


Develop an operational plan and plant layout to meet growing customer demands using lean manufacturing principles

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Problem Definition

DISHER met with the manufacturer at their facility to observe their manufacturing process firsthand, interview the people within the process, and identify any redundancies, bottlenecks, or waste in the process.

Current State Analysis

Based on the data, we defined the customer’s current state using lean tools. Primary pain points included: an inefficient plant layout, excessive overtime, missed shipments, employee turnover, and daily fires.

Training & Future State Design

DISHER and the customer determined the top improvement opportunities. A cross-functional team was trained on value stream mapping, lean, and continuous improvement principles. DISHER coached this team on how to create a future value stream map.

Implementation Planning

The team became unified around a vision for the operation. An action plan was generated, processes were simplified, and a new plant layout designed. Plans were executed by an engaged team.


Expected improvement in production lead time was 45% on average per month as a result of training, waste reduction, work process flow improvements, and designing an efficient plant layout.