Low-Low Automotive

Case Study


To identify new materials and applications to lower the cost and weight of interior automotive components by 40%.

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Primary Research

Product Researchers conducted surveys, interviews, and three Whiteboard Workshops to gather cross-industry and multi- disciplinary insights, material ideas, and advanced manufacturing process ideas.

Secondary Research

The Discovery Team researched and benchmarked every vehicle at NAIAS and looked at a spectrum of outside industries to discover materials, trends, and designs that might apply to automotive applications.

Materials Research

A wide variety of innovative and emerging materials and their applications were researched and evaluated for their cost and weight-reduction properties.

Concept Playbooks

Industrial Designers created 24 full-system concept playbooks and 13 individual component concept playbooks inspired by the materials and mechanism research collected to reduce cost and weight inside vehicles.

Comparison Matrix

Each component and system concept was plotted on a matrix to see how close they came to the 40% reduction goal in relationship to cost and weight.