Office Panel Packaging

Case Study


Investigate cost-saving packaging ideas without compromising function.

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Data Collection

DISHER engineers went to the customer location to investigate the various forms of packaging currently being utilized for their office panels.

Current State

The team analyzed the following areas for cost savings:

  1. The 900-lb triple-wall corrugated
  2. The tube and tray style boxes
  3. The 4-pieces of Hexacomb per layer
  4. The foam piece inserts

Packaging Standards

DISHER noticed various packaging styles during the tour: with/without load-stretch wrapping; with/without corrugated bands; 3 to 5 hexacomb pieces; etc. Packaging standards would allow for better planning, inventory, and cost accounting.

Cost-Saving Ideas

DISHER focused on five primary cost reduction recommendations:

  1. Determine if triple-wall corrugated is needed
  2. Simplify tube/tray design
  3. Hexacomb reduction
  4. Lower-cost option for foam
  5. Packaging standardization

Packaging Cost Review

DISHER conducted a deeper dive cost analysis with recommended ideas and highlighted the primary ways the customer could save on an annual basis based on historical data.