Office Panel Process

Case Study


To identify new processes that will reduce costs by 10% for frames and fabric tiles.

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Gemba Walk

DISHER engineers traveled to the customer’s location to observe and gather information firsthand about their manufacturing processes. Together, DISHER and the customer learned how things flowed through their facilities.

Process Mapping Workshop

DISHER facilitated a value stream analysis workshop with the customer to determine their current and future state for both fabric tiles and frames.

Cost-Saving Ideas

DISHER engineers and highly- engaged customer stakeholders generated 92 process-related cost-saving ideas during the workshop. The customer was energized by the quantity and quality of ideas created.

Post-Workshop Analysis

The top three cost-saving ideas were analyzed and a summary of recommended cost-savings were presented that reduced labor, eliminated rework, and created utility routes for indirect non-value added work.

14% Cost Reduction

The totals of the cost-saving recommendations for frame reductions was 15% and fabric tile reductions was 14% for a combined overall savings of 14% annually.