Office Panel Product

Case Study


To identify new materials or applications for frames and fabric tiles in order to reduce product costs.

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Data Collection

DISHER engineers met with the customer’s team to gather information on product drawings, piece costs, bill of materials, labor costs sales volumes, production targets, prime costs, etc.

VA/VE Workshop

DISHER hosted an intensive half-day workshop on Value Analysis/Value Engineering to generate viable design alternatives to reduce costs in both fabric tiles and frames while maintaining quality and functionality.

Idea Ranking

DISHER and the customer ranked ideas based on time to implement, customer acceptance, feasibility, and predicted cost reduction. Seven out of 35 frame cost-saving ideas and five out of 32 tile designs were selected to pursue further.

Post-Workshop Analysis

The top 12 ideas were applied to the customer’s part volumes. More research and number crunching was conducted on new designs and materials. Estimated part costs and annual savings were calculated.

10% Cost Reduction

DISHER summarized the cost-saving recommendations with frame reductions at 16% and fabric tile reductions at 6% for a combined overall savings of 10% annually.