Order Process Redesign

Case Study


To redesign our customer’s order fulfillment process and increase quality, reduce waste, improve lead times and profitability.

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Problem Definition

DISHER planned a four-day Kaizen event with a cross-functional team from this global creative arts distributor. Our client’s end customer was about to replace them due to significant order backlogs. Our customer had process, quality, and material availability issues.

Current State Analysis

DISHER walked their current fulfillment process to understand the flow of material and information. Value-stream mapping revealed waste in the form of excessive handing and traveling, rework, and workload imbalance.

Future State Design

DISHER guided the team using lean manufacturing principles in the development of a future state map. It eliminated complexity and addressed the root causes of the waste in rework, processing, transportation, inventory, motion, and waiting. Clarity and consensus was achieved.


The team developed an action plan, timeline, and a commitment for changes in picking, batching, processing, and inventory systems. DISHER supported the implementation with program management coaching, a new plant layout, and operational strategies.


Our customer saw a 90% efficiency gain with better quality, reduced overtime and inventory, and increased on-time deliveries. Their end customer renewed the contract as a result of the notable improvements.