Product Dev Redesign

Case Study


To redesign our customer’s product development process for improved efficiencies, customer service, and profitability.

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Problem Definition

This office furniture manufacturer was experiencing rapid growth and their current process was not working. Product launches were costly and unprofitable with rework and redesign issues, high overtime, late product deliveries, and dissatisfied customers.

Current State Analysis

Together, we identified and prioritized the process gaps and problem areas. DISHER helped the customer map their current process which highlighted poor internal communication and a reactive manufacturing process.

Future State Design

DISHER guided the team in designing a process track to develop standard products and another to develop special products. Activities, milestones, roles and responsibilities were defined and gaps addressed.


DISHER and the team developed a 3-month implementation plan including tasks, priorities, and timelines. DISHER monitored and coached throughout the implementation with communication, training, stakeholder management, and reinforcement strategies


The changes had a positive effect with reduced costs, improved quality, and increased timeliness. The process initiative moved the company culture from reactive to proactive.