Booth Development

Case Study


To manage prototype builds and trade show booth development to boost customer engagement for our client at the Consumer Electronics Show.

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Experience Storyboard

DISHER and the client created storyboards together that clearly defined the messaging, target audiences, and precise goals for the user experience before, during, and after the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Booth Theme & Design

DISHER collaborated with the customer on a booth theme and design that would actively engage each audience. DISHER managed the details of the booth design and build process with the customer in order to meet strict specifications and deadlines for the show.

VIP User Experience

DISHER project managed the creation of a VIP interactive space in the booth with our client’s team. This space featured a virtual reality demo with a futuristic prototype. Other developmental prototypes were also successfully displayed.

Interactive Product Displays

DISHER came alongside our client’s internal team to create an interactive space for the general public. Featured products came to life with a tablet display that sparked conversation. CES guests also enjoyed the Google cardboard takeaway they received.

Highest Level of Engagement

All assets were built on time and with quality. DISHER’s client received the highest engagement rating (95%) for a booth of their size at CES. Customer visits and re-visits exceeded expectations.