UX Research

Case Study


To gather, organize, and analyze empathetic user research and present it in a useful, visual way for confident decision making.

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Define Research Objectives

The objectives of the user research project were communicated by the client. DISHER recommended the best investigative research methodologies for the project, planned out the timeline, and managed the process.

On-Site Interviewing with Users/Personas

DISHER traveled out of state to interview targeted user personas to gather valuable, firsthand, user feedback with low-fidelity prototypes. Data was collected and organized efficiently.

User-Experience Research

DISHER screened and recruited users from the targeted demographic guidelines. We collected in-depth, observation research through journey mapping, user experience, and live-video streaming to understand pain points.

Investigative Feedback

Through low-fidelity prototyping, DISHER quickly gathered user input on a variety of product features ranging from haptic feedback and indicators to control buttons and new vehicle options.

Deliver Key Findings

DISHER organized and analyzed the data collected in a systematic way. A key findings document was presented to the client for further review and future decision making.