Vision Mapping

Case Study


To help MMTC clearly define their business strategy, including their: Why, Way, What, Who, Where and How.

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Whiteboard Workshop

DISHER hosted a half-day workshop with MMTC’s leadership team and a Certified Facilitator and Creative Lead to define their purpose, unify their team, and head in the same direction.

SVM Template

DISHER’s SVM Template was used as our guide as we walked through the 5Ws with MMTC. All ideas, comments, and visuals were captured and considered. Discussion and collaboration was encouraged in a relaxed setting.

Edited Content

MMTC’s leadership team agreed on what specific content best represented why they exist, who they are, and where they’re going. This content was used to create MMTC’s unique vision map.

Strategic Vision Map

Drafts of the SVM were created by a Graphic Designer and Copywriter until all content was as accurate as possible. MMTC uses their SVM with internal staff and external clients to paint a clear picture of their strategy.

Custom Ecosystem Visual

Another visual was generated for MMTC to capture all of their partnerships and relationships in W MI in a visual way. MMTC printed a poster for their office.