Design Thinking Event November 19 at the GR Chamber

Design Thinking Event November 19 at the GR Chamber

DISHER has partnered with the @GRChamber to offer an exclusive learning opportunity: Design Thinking for Small Businesses & Non-Profits. During this 90-minute, interactive session, participants will dive into the five core phases of #DesignThinking and how to ensure meaningful, makable, and marketable solutions from leading experts within the design community. Speakers include: Todd Kauranen, Industrial Designer and Chair of IDSA MI; Jonathan Moroney, Program Chair-Industrial Design at Kendall College of Art and Design; and Dayna Beal, Business Lead – Discovery & Marketing at DISHER. The event takes place on November 19 from 1-3 pm at the Grand Rapids Chamber located at 250 Monroe Ave NW in Grand Rapids. Space is limited. Register today.

Design Thinking, (also known as UX – User eXperience, Customer-Centric Design, and Human-Centered Design), is critical to the successful development of a product, process, or service. It is iterative, continuous, and uses convergent thinking all around the human element – whether it is the user, consumer, key stakeholder, or customer.

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