DISHER Eager to Participate in Imagine Trash Waste Audit

DISHER Eager to Participate in Imagine Trash Waste Audit



WMSBF asked DISHER to summarize their experience with the Imagine Trash Partner Program. DISHER is a nationally-recognized product development, talent attraction, and business consulting firm headquartered in Zeeland, Michigan. DISHER’s team of qualified experts partner with Fortune 500 companies, Tier suppliers, and independent inventors to successfully research, design, engineer, and manufacture high-impact products and services. The mission at DISHER is to make a positive difference with customers, co-workers, and community. One way they live-out this mission is by being good stewards of the environment. The Trash Audit opportunity offered by WMSBF aligned perfectly with this company value.DISHER Eager to Participate in Imagine Trash Waste Audit

The Imagine Trash Waste Audit performed onsite gave the DISHER team a chance to assess their current waste stream and build upon their current recycling program. “Overall, the Waste Audit was an informative experience that confirmed things we were already doing but also provided new insights for us to incorporate,” stated Travis Gibbs a Packaging Engineer at DISHER. “The audit will be helpful in guiding us with future decisions.”

Because of the audit, DISHER plans to take some additional recycling actions including partnering with another Zeeland-based business for a composting. They also plan to review their recycling signage and locations to make compliance easy for their team. Lastly, DISHER will be working on purchasing guidelines to be more intentional with buying products with post-consumer recycled content. “We appreciate the forum providing this benefit to the business community—we found the process educational and valuable,” continued Gibbs.