A Great Culture = ⇧Performance + ⇧Growth

A Great Culture = ⇧Performance + ⇧Growth



DISHER Offers Culture Tours to Help Companies Thrive

Creating a healthy culture matters. Successful organizations are actively nurturing every aspect of their work environment because significant benefits are at stake. A thriving culture will attract and retain top talent; positively impact coworkers, customers, and communities; and drive higher performance in quality of work output and profitability. DISHER is pleased to provide complimentary 1.5-hour guided Culture Tours to help any organization, business, or entity build confidence and head in the right direction. The tours are not theoretical. Guests will see an active working model of what a strong culture looks like in a business setting. If interested in taking a tour at their home office in Zeeland, Michigan, connect with us at the bottom of this page.

Culture happens either by design or chance. Most organizations don’t know where to begin when faced with the challenge of improving their culture. It can feel overwhelming. DISHER’s Culture Tours walk customers through an intentional process starting with the question, “Why do we exist?” A strong sense of purpose brings clarity to an organization and drives its Way (core values and behaviors)—and eventually a great What (product or service). Great outcomes cannot be achieved without an engaged and developed Who. People make it all happen. To fulfill their mission to Make a Positive Difference, DISHER transparently shares their struggles and triumphs, practices and rhythms, and their stories. Participants are encouraged throughout the tour to take part in the conversation, ask questions, and record key take-aways. The tours are a helpful catalyst to inspire companies to create a culture by design and they provide an excellent framework for companies to draw upon.

DISHER has been fine-tuning their own culture for the last seventeen years and they are still learning. Their hard work continues to pay off as they have won numerous awards for the workplace they’ve created. But it’s not about the recognition. It’s about intentionally living out their mission to Make a Positive Difference and helping organizations achieve sustainable success. “We want to leave this world a better place than we found it,” states Founder Jeff Disher. “We are excited about these tours planting innovative seeds and creating ripples of influence that can have a lasting impact in our communities.”

Founded in 2000, DISHER began with one entrepreneurial engineer, Jeff Disher. Today the firm employs a network of over 160 engineering, technology, and business professionals from three offices in Zeeland, Michigan; Ann Arbor, Michigan; and Indianapolis, Indiana. For an inside look, click below.


DISHER is a nationally-recognized product development, business consulting, and talent solutions firm based in Michigan serving customers across the country with footprints around the world. FORTUNE and Great Place to Work® published DISHER as the 5th Best Small Business Workplace and the 4th Best Workplace for Consulting and Professional Services in the USA. DISHER was also recently recognized as an Example of Excellence during the Positive Business Conference at the University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business. DISHER has helped hundreds of Fortune 500 companies successfully discover, design, engineer, and manufacture high-impact products and services. Visit disher.com to learn more.