Business Solutions

Successful companies need laser focus— on their people, markets, products, processes, and ROI. To grow and thrive, each of these areas must be developed to compete in today’s ever-changing environment. DISHER Business Solutions will partner with you and employ a variety of structured tools, proven techniques, and knowledgeable talent to help you achieve with excellence and speed.

Sustainable Outcomes

  • Higher Performance
  • Increased Productivity
  • Greater Profits


DISHER applies this foundational five-step process to all areas of focus within your business to transform pain points into areas of high performance, productivity, and profit.


At DISHER we are passionate about our work and go the extra mile to make sure our clients receive great results. Every DISHER employee strives to propel the businesses we serve to success through diligence and dedication to making a positive difference. This is the foundation of our company culture and everything we do.


  • Create a talent brand that attracts the best candidates
  • Ensure new hire “fit” and reduce employee turnover
  • Develop ROI Leaders


DISHER has developed unique market-focused growth strategies for our customers that increase revenue, reach, reputation, and referrals. Our highly visual processes incorporate market research, product portfolio planning, and branding strategy.


  • Develop a targeted approach to your market
  • Create a meaningful strategy for your product portfolio
  • Increase market share


Product innovation is a top priority for many businesses. Our clients face the constant pressure of delivering new products and product improvements that meet requirements in a short timeline with limited resources.


  • Numerous cross-functional ideas for product design and cost-reductions
  • A product that meets performance, quality and cost requirements
  • Improved ability to respond to market needs and trends quickly and confidently


A large part of business is knowing how to respond to problems quickly and effectively. These challenges and their solutions can be broken down into two key fundamental components— processes and projects.


  • Cost-reductions in scrap, overhead, downtime, and overtime
  • Cross-functional engagement in continuous improvement efforts
  • Current resource optimization vs. new capital expenditures


How is your bottom line? What are your goals? Where are you headed? DISHER’s ROI-focused business solutions help organizations focus beyond short-term goals in order to foster sustained success in today’s constantly changing environment. Taking the long view can be difficult for many businesses but the benefits are far-reaching.


  • Ripples of Influence™ (ROI) internally and externally for sustainable growth
  • Strategic business plans to improve your Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Continuous performance through an aligned and engaged organization

Lead365 Select™

LEAD365 SELECT™ is a leader-development opportunity to help individuals become leaders worth following. Based on the popular, year-long LEAD 365 program designed by Rodger Price, LEAD365 SELECT™ offers similar content and a carefully-integrated experience in shorter, more focused sessions. Present and future leaders gather together once a month for half-day group sessions to engage around a particular leadership topic. Between group sessions, individuals complete practical application homework and individual coaching for deeper understanding and accountability. LEAD365 SELECT™ nurtures noticeable leadership growth and transformation.