Product innovation is a top priority for many businesses. Our clients face the constant pressure of delivering new products and product improvements that meet requirements in a short timeline with limited resources.

DISHER’s sweet spot is guiding companies through the product development process at an impressively fast pace. Our creative engineering team has proven systems for capturing ideas, verifying the viability of the ideas, designing the idea into a manufacturable product, and launching the product into production. DISHER’s primary customer base includes Fortune 500 companies, Tier One suppliers, and manufacturing businesses. Our experience has impacted a variety of industries including: automotive, office furniture, alternative energy, consumer products, medical products, military, and agribusiness.


The best design is the simplest one that works.

– Albert Einstein


DISHER engineers are equipped to effectively facilitate the creative process of product development with your team. Together, we will determine the desirability, feasibility, and viability of new and existing products.

Brain-storming sessions generate real ideas to consider and pursue. We call them Whiteboard Extremes™ and they have proven invaluable for building new product consensus and direction for our clients.


Innovative product solutions based on user desirability, commercial viability, and production feasibility


Once a product concept is selected, DISHER works as an extension of your engineering team to develop a design that looks good, works well, and is manufacturable. We incorporate Design Blitzes™— short, intensive, focused campaigns for product design.

A variety of design concepts using Lean manufacturing principles are generated in short order. The designs are sketched, rendered, and evaluated in form, function, and cost reduction.


Vetted product concepts that look good, work well, and are manufacturable


The function of the new product is heavily evaluated. The ratio of function to cost is explored and the value is improved. DISHER uses cross-functional workshops to generate hundreds of ideas.

Prototypes and models are built and tested. Materials, tooling, and manufacturing processes are researched and cost-saving ideas are implemented.


Highest possible product quality and lowest possible product cost