How is your bottom line? What are your goals? Where are you headed? DISHER’s ROI-focused business solutions help organizations focus beyond short-term goals in order to foster sustained success in today’s constantly changing environment. Taking the long view can be difficult for many businesses but the benefits are far-reaching.

Investing in your company’s culture, strategy, and core metrics will increase mission, enhance sales growth, expand Ripples of Influence™, and improve your Return on Investment now and in the future.


What’s the use of measuring speed if you don’t go in the right direction?

– Jeroen De Flander


A company’s culture is a blending of the spirit and practices which combine to make a business greater than the sum of its parts. A community that knows the why to what they are doing creates a thriving business.

DISHER works with your company to understand what Ripples of Influence™ (ROI) you are creating versus the ripple you want to create.

We guide you in developing a culture that is clear, well communicated, consistent, and contagious through Whiteboard Extremes™ and on-site consultation.


A high-performance culture which positively impacts financial performance


A direct correlation exists between a well-defined growth strategy and the success of a business. Understanding why a company exists, the way it is unique, what it does, and who is served is foundational.

Using tools such as Whiteboard Extremes™, strategic vision maps, and one-page plans, DISHER works with clients to define historical traditions, current realities, and future possibilities.

Strategic Vision Mapping™ helps create a picture of your organization’s future that prompts confident decision-making and clear action amidst a changing business environment.


A highly visual plan that aligns your organization and prompts confident decision-making and action


The health of a company is determined by performance metrics that align with the company’s mission and strategic direction.

DISHER methodically determines key performance indicators and guides clients to the most effective measurement system.

This enables our customers understand the state of their business at any given point in time and know how well they’re aligned to the overall mission and strategic direction.


Key metrics that drive commitment, performance, and ROI within the organization