Market Research

Good design starts with the user. We seek to understand who they are, observe them in action, and understand what they truly desire. We also look at industry trends and current design research to determine the best approach for each product; ways that the user may not have even thought of yet. This is the beginning of an innovative product design that can improve the way people engage with the world around them.


Market Research  •  Ethnography •  Benchmarking  •  Human Factors


In our Market Research we conduct primary research with surveys, interviews, and focus groups. We review secondary research and many relevant sources of published information to create a picture of the user’s world and product requirements.


We study Ethnography to create demographic profiles and behavioral personas of the intended user to project why and how they will use a product and what features and benefits will motivate and enable them to take action.


We conduct rigorous competitive analysis and establish Benchmarking for the product design and functionality to understand what is and what is not currently available on the market.


We examine the Human Factors of how a user needs to perform a function and what type of mechanisms and functionality will work with their body in the most ergonomic, intuitive fashion.


Together these insights into the consumer’s world will inform the product design and marketing plans.