Creating and vetting the best ideas in a systematic way shortens the path to innovation. Together, with our customers, we generate innovative ideas within a community of subject matter experts, creative leads, and certified facilitators. Ideation is always custom, creative, and collaborative.

How we do it

Innovation Workshop Ideation

Innovation Workshop

DISHER tailors one to three-day intensive workshops to generate product development solutions for our customers. Once the problem statement is clearly defined, trained facilitators guide groups through ideation— colliding thoughts and expanding concepts. Top ideas are selected and ranked, and playbooks are developed at an impressive pace. Organizations come away united around vetted ideas to act upon.

Whiteboard Extreme Ideation

Whiteboard Extreme

This collaborative half-day to two-day event is designed to tackle complex challenges relating to the people, product, or process within an organization in a systematic way. Types of problem-solving include: product or feature feasibility, cost reduction, functionality, materials, and aesthetics.

Whiteboard Wednesday Ideation

Whiteboard Wednesday

DISHER’s signature ideation opportunity is available to any organization with a problem to solve. This complimentary one-hour brainstorming session includes a certified facilitator and two to three additional DISHER subject matter experts. It is designed to give organizations with difficult challenges an innovative boost and a taste of our unique ideation process and capabilities.

Ideation Tools

  • Certified Facilitators
  • Market Research
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Creative Leads
  • Sketching
  • Benchmarking
  • Rapid Idea Generation
  • Whiteboard Spaces
  • Whiteboard Materials

Product Potential