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Creating and vetting the best ideas in a systematic way shortens the path from innovation to market. Together, with our customers, we generate innovative ideas within a community of subject matter experts, creative leads, and certified facilitators. Ideation is always custom, creative, and collaborative.

Ideation Services

Whiteboard Workshops

Starting with our customer’s need or problem statement, our team of experts uses a variety of tools to problem solve with the customer. Our proven processes generating quality ideas to act upon.

Rapid Iterations

Quality ideas are expanded, refined, and re-evaluated utilizing feedback gathered after each iteration. The process creates innovative concepts for further exploration.


  • Market Research
  • User Research
  • Benchmarking
  • Sketching
  • Whiteboard Wednesdays™
  • Whiteboard Extremes™
  • Designers
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Certified Facilitators

The Discovery Process - Ideation

DISHER takes customers through the Fuzzy-Front-End of ideation in a collaborative and systematic way. Successful ideation is powerful for team unity, clear decision-making, and true innovation to occur.

What others have said...

Bloem contracted DISHER to facilitate an Innovation Workshop with the intent of pulling creativity out of our team. Each participant came away with a broader perspective and the benefit of knowing that their contributions made a real change within our organization. Getting my team engaged at this level was something unique and valuable. From our planning sessions to the implementation of the actual concepts, DISHER led the way with confidence and clarity.

Ryan Mast - President - Bloem

OMT-Veyhl had an enlightening experience working with DISHER in our Innovation Workshop to explore possible solutions for the future. It was highly productive and inspirational to have a broad range of talent and expertise from DISHER’s team with our team to rapidly generate, investigate, and define ideas. We would highly recommend this service to support creative development.

Kevin Dewald - Director of Innovation & Development

Innovation Workshop

DISHER tailors one to three-day intensive workshops to generate innovative solutions for our customers. Trained facilitators guide groups through ideation— colliding thoughts, expanding concepts, and ranking playbooks to act upon.

Featured Case Study

Innovation Workshop

The objective of this case study was to help a company expedite the creative process of innovation and enable them to make clear, unified decisions for the future. Learn how the problem was solved.

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