Investigate and Understand

DISHER’s approach to research is investigative, collaborative, and quantitative. Our research is organized for our customers in a useful, visual way for confident decision making whether it’s related to a product, a service, a market, or a strategy.

Research Services

User Research

Understanding the behaviors, needs, and desires of prospective and actual users is the launching pad to great design. It is both an art and a science— and DISHER does both well.

Market Research

Our process analyzes the value, size, segmentation, competition, and opportunities in the market along with industry trends, holes, and gaps in a way that helps organizations make clear decisions to move forward.

Benchmarking Research

We compare leading-edge products, technologies, processes, and functionality from within and outside of the industry for a holistic, 360-degree perspective.


  • Contextual Interviews
  • Individual Interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Surveys
  • Personas
  • Internet Analysis
  • Prototyping
  • Usability Testing
  • Benchmarking

The Discovery Process - Research

Research is the first step to meaningful design. Defining the problem and understanding the end user enable organizations to confidently move towards innovative solutions.

What others have said...

Disher’s talented team helped us to synthesize what we learned in research, brainstorm possible solutions, and ultimately execute on developing the right product solution for our customers

Joel Van Wyk - Director of Product Development and Product Management, Healthcare and Higher Education - Herman Miller

EPIC Research

Organizations make “EPIC-sized” decisions about what ideas to pursue next but struggle with an objective process. DISHER created the EPIC Decision Diamond®, a ranked comparison research process, to guide companies forward with unity, clear direction, and solutions that work.

Featured Case Study

EPIC Research

The objective of this case study was to determine the potential of a product through immersive research, analysis, and ranked comparison. The outcome equips the client to make informed decisions, see how it was done.

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