Electronics Engineering

DISHER is a fully-integrated electronics design and development firm. Customers value our experienced team, innovative thinking, and collaborative style. Let’s work together on your next smart solution. Already know what you need? Skip the details and contact us. 

Electronics Services

Systems Design

The DISHER Electronics team has deep, cross-functional expertise to develop entire electronics systems for our customers whether simple or complex. Our in-house capabilities reduce lead times, lower costs, and produce reliable results with consistent oversight and communication.

Systems Design Capabilities

  • Requirements Capture & Vetting
  • Architecture
  • System Interfaces/Boundaries
  • System Verification

Software and Firmware Design

We thrive on helping our customers develop innovative software and firmware solutions that are successful in the marketplace. Our team of specialists works hard at being on the cutting edge of technology, while keeping up-to-date with coding and security best practices. We make sure our architecture can be easily updated or reused for your next generation of devices. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR CAPABILITIES WITH A LOOK AT A PROJECT THAT DEVELOPED NEW FEATURES FOR A CONCEPT CAR WITH INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGY.

Software and Firmware Design Capabilities

  • Embedded Firmware Design
  • Software, Computer Programming
  • Mobile, Computer Apps
  • GUI, UX, HUI

Hardware Design

DISHER Electronics provides world-class hardware solutions for a variety of circuit types. Our experience, tools, and processes fuse together to create designs, PCB layouts, and simulations/models that meets or exceeds customer requirements. We do this all while keeping the customer engaged throughout the process.

Hardware Design Capabilities

  • Circuit Design & Schematic Capture
  • Top 10 PCB Topology & Layout Design and Engineering
  • Circuit Simulations, WCCA, Modeling, EMC
  • Wired / Wireless Communication Protocols
  • Analog & Digital
  • I/O, Sensors, Display, Audio, & Lighting Control
  • SMPS & Linear Power Supply Design
  • IoT Sensor
  • LED Drivers

Prototyping and Enclosure Design

DISHER Electronics can develop production-intent prototypes with complete electronics packaging such as: enclosures, bracketing, mounting, harnessing, and lensing. By combining PCB development and mechanical design, DISHER can verify assemblies BEFORE they are made from production tools saving our customers time and money.

Prototyping and Enclosure Design Capabilities

  • Prototyping
  • Enclosure Design
  • PCB Integration
  • Thermal Analysis
  • ESD Mitigation

Verification and Bench Testing

The DISHER Electronics team performs engineering-level testing for all product designs using production-intent prototypes. We perform system and circuit-level troubleshooting, functional testing, and environmental testing to help mitigate risk. We also work with an extensive network of EMC test-site locations to verify the design against applicable ISO, IEC, FCC, UL and BIFMA specifications.

Verification and Bench Testing Capabilities

  • Root-cause Identification
  • Lighting Analysis & Measurements
  • LabView Programming, VI Development
  • Data Acquisition Design
  • Test Box / EOL / Functional
  • Thermal Chamber Testing
  • Control Panel Wiring & Design

Flexible Resources

Other Flexible Resources

  • Project & Program Management
  • EMC Testing
  • Large Sample Environment Testing
  • Data Acquisition
  • Quality Engineering

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