Finite Element Analysis

The world is complex. Even the simplest product design can have nuances in the geometry, material or loading that cannot be answered with a simple hand calculation. Our U.S. based FEA engineers will work alongside you to answer even your most complex questions. We utilize our extensive product design and analysis experience, coupled with Abaqus® software, to validate and optimize your designs. We strive to get you the correct answers quickly, providing the best value in finite element analysis.

FEA Services


For many designs, a Static analysis is more than sufficient to evaluate products, and easy to duplicate in the test lab.  We can handle anything from a relatively simple single component analysis such as a molded seat, to very complex multi-body assemblies like a vehicle chassis or automotive shift control system.


The world is Nonlinear, and in many instances to get the correct results, your analysis needs to be, too.  We have significant experience in modeling with nonlinear materials, evaluating designs with extreme loading causing material plasticity, models with large deformation, and evaluating large assemblies with extensive contact.


The world is constantly moving, our analyses can simulate that, too.  We have performed many Dynamic analyses evaluating the impact of accelerations and decelerations on automated vehicles and shuttle systems.


The world is variable, it does not exist only at 23° C.  We have examined Thermal loading on structures, how they grow or shrink with temperature, what internal stresses it can induce, and how it couples with external loads on a design.


Noise, vibration, and harshness is critical to many of our customers.  We have experience performing Modal analyses on multi-component assemblies, and correlating those analyses with real world testing to help ensure the designs of our customers work quiet and smoothly

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