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Technical and professional recruiting is our sweet spot! Since DISHER began as a product development firm, we understand the world of engineering and manufacturing— it’s in our DNA. We speak geek and have over 100 engineers internally to help organizations source, vet, and train technical and professional candidates efficiently.

The DISHER Difference

What does that mean?  It means outcomes of higher company performance, a more engaged workforce, enhanced brand & reputation, a healthier culture, lower turnover, reduced recruiting costs, and satisfied, loyal customers. 

Talent Recruiting

Technical & Specialized. Our sweet spot is recruiting, vetting, and hiring engineers and hard-to-fill positions.

On-Demand. Clients benefit from our part-time, ON/OFF recruiting function. DISHER can be an extension of your team as needed.

Integrated Partner. DISHER can support you with full-time, on-site, or off-site recruiting based on your unique challenges.

Third-Party Management. Let us save you time and money by managing your other recruitment resources.


Talent Consulting

When your Human Resources team is overwhelmed, DISHER loves to come alongside. Our experienced team will reduce your pain points and help you perform at an even higher level. We can guide your organization in the following areas:

  • Developing a Long-term Talent Strategy
  • Compensation Analysis
  • Recruitment Marketing
  • Digital Recruitment Optimization
  • Onboarding Process Development
  • Legal Hiring Advisement
  • Structured Interviewing
  • Interview Training

Leadership & Organizational Dev.

DISHER offers engaging training, tools, and techniques to help organizations achieve and sustain a culture of high-performance. Let us know if we can assist you in one of these areas:

  • Leadership Development
  • Hiring and Staffing Gap – Process Analysis
  • Technology Assessments
  • Interim Leadership
  • Productivity Assessments




Custom Solutions

DISHER Talent Solutions partners with organizations and elevate their performance through customized solutions centered around their #1 asset— people.

What others have said about DISHER Hiring Solutions...

We attended a training yesterday with Kristian Woods and Frank Groen to learn about your RPM tool, sourcing strategies, etc....it was a great day! Kristian and Frank were great teachers, they were engaging, funny and patient. You have a great team with those two ! Just wanted to give them the kudos they deserve.

Susan Clancy - Senior Rep, Mitsubishi Motors

“With the Talent Engineer that recruited me, there was a great connection and a great relationship. I consider them a good friend even today.”

Candidate Testimonial

“DISHER’s Talent Engineer made me feel like I was the only person in the world that could do this job.”

Candidate Testimonial

“DISHER came and jumped right in with a friendly approach. The DISHER Talent Solutions expert was very personable from the start. She has been tasked with finding certain candidates and for those that she has found and presented— they have met the mark! She quickly learned our ATS and seems to work within her own very well. We do share some similar recruiting tools and she comes across as an effective user.”

Customer Testimonial

“DISHER has an understanding of our company's talent brand and our culture, which is really important to us.”

Customer Testimonial

“Our company has a unique culture and DISHER learned quickly how to work with the different hiring managers. DISHER reacts quickly and professionally when it comes to change.”

Customer Testimonial

“Partnership— lots of companies use the buzz word, but DISHER exemplifies it. Having worked closely with DISHER for over 8 years I’ve seen it’s at the core of what they do.”

Customer Testimonial